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Fuel Efficient Cars

Hertz cares.

One of the largest fuel efficient car
fleets in the industry.

Eco-friendly vehicles:
With over 74% of our cars meeting 28 highway mpg and 59% at 32 highway mpg or higher standards*, we can provide the fuel-efficient car you need for your trip. With our wide selection of eco-friendly cars, it’s not just better for planet – you’ll also save on fuel.

And remember, our entire Green Traveler Collection offers the latest Hybrid and Electric vehicles with the highest fuel efficiency ratings.

Green Traveler Vehicles

Toyota Prius

Toyota Camry Hybrid

Nissan Altima Hybrid

Electric Cars

28+ Highway MPG Cars

Mazda 3

Toyota Corolla

Hyundai Accent

Chevrolet Aveo

Nissan Altima

Nissan Versa

Smart Car

Dodge Avenger

Toyota Yaris

Ford Fiesta

Pontiac G6

Honda Civic

Kia Rio

Mitsubishi Galant

Hyundai Elantra

Toyota Yaris

Ford Fusion

Chevrolet HHR

Chevrolet Cobalt

Toyota Prius Hybrid

Volkswagen Jetta

Nissan Cube

Mazda 6

Toyota Matrix

Ford Focus

Nissan Altima Hybrid

Honda Accord

Kia Soul

Toyota Camry Hybrid

Hyundai Sonata

Kia Forte

Toyota Camry

Toyota Avalon

Kia Optima

Subaru Legacy

Toyota Rav4

Nissan Sentra

Chevrolet Cobalt

GMC Terrain

* Based on entire fleet.

Denotes 28+ highway mpg on cars of model years 2010 and later.

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