Which insurance can I get and how about coverage and excess?

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Insurance, coverage and excess when you rent a car

When you rent a car at Hertz, you are usually covered by a Collision Damage Waiver and a Theft Protection

HOWEVER… You are still liable of excess in case of damages or theft of the car.
The excess varies for different countries from EUR 900 to 4,000.

You can avoid* or partly avoid the excess if you buy a SuperCover-insurance**. The price of SuperCover varies from country to country and sometimes car group to car group as well. You can always ask for the price and coverage, when you book or pick up the car.

*In some countries (eg Denmark, Norway and Portugal), a SuperCover will reduce the excess, but not eliminate it
**You can’t buy SuperCover for all car groups, and there might be a minimum requirement regarding age, to be able to by SuperCover. In Denmark you need to be at least 23 to purchase SuperCover. Please call the reservation office for fees and terms and conditions.

In Denmark you can also choose Plus Insurance when you pick up your car.

The insurance covers:

* Excess - car damage or theft
* Road assistance for non-warranty break downs incl. discharged battery
and empty tank
* Refueling with wrong fuel
* Car key lost or locked inside the car
* Puncture and tyre damage
* Glass damage
* Personal injury up to DKK 461,000 and death DKK 153,000

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