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South Africa GPS

Garmin GPS features and benefits.


Get there on time and without fuss! Enjoy the time saving and safety benefits that the Hertz Garmin GPS delivers. Maps are no longer necessary as you will never get lost in an unfamiliar location.


The GPS satellite navigation system guides you both visually and verbally to places you need to be; an address, an entertainment venue, fuel stations, hotels and guest houses- all you need to do is tell it where you want to go.


The GPS technology knows your exact location as it is receives data from satellites and is extremely accurate. If you accidentally take a wrong turn, the unit automatically recalculates the route and provides you with new instructions on how to reach your destination. It is multi-lingual and operates across Southern African borders and provides route guidance in either yards and miles or metres and kilometres.


It's a must have for every adventurer!



Rental process 


All items need to be requested at time of reservation. Process at the counter is as follows: Separate contract will be completed Cost R69 per day An additional authorisation of R1000 will be blocked on the clients credit card. Should the unit be lost, stolen or damaged while in the possession of the client they will be charged the replacement value of the GPS unit. A check list will be completed at rental stage as well as on return of the unit.


 TO BOOK CALL 0861 600 136 OR +27 21 935 4800.

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