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Hertz Green Collection

Our fleet is going leaner and greener, with the Hertz Green Collection.

The Hertz Green Collection offers a range of environmentally friendly, fuel efficient cars at our major locations in Australia, Europe and North America.


In Australia, our first green car is the feat of modern technology, Toyota Prius.

As a Hybrid Synergy Drive (HSD), the Prius is an innovative combination of petrol and electric power, delivering low emissions and and excellent fuel efficiency. In Australian Government Standard testing, the Prius achieved fuel consumption of 4.4 litres / 100 km under the combined cycle. That's up to 50% less fuel consumption than a comparably-sized family car.


Currently, the Toyota Prius is available at airport and downtown locations in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane.


To reserve your green car, simply click "Go".


  Hertz Green Car


 Toyota Prius




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