Reduce your overseas car hire costs! are assisting Hertz corporate client’s recoup VAT paid on car hire cost overseas. This can reduce  your car hire costs by up to 25%! Businesses leave €5 billion unclaimed in overseas tax - work with and Hertz to maximise VAT recovery


How can help


We maximise your refund with minimum effort from you. VAT specialists:

  • Assess the reclaim value
  • Handle all the paperwork
  • Liaise with the tax office
  • Send you your VAT refund
  • can also help with managing all overseas VAT registrations and filing returns.


As a Hertz client, has agreed  to provide a preferential rate for this service to you. If you are interested  in recovering  VAT from Europe, please contact us today for further details:




Phone:......... +353 56 779 7351


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