Hertz Information Security

Log4j Frequently Asked Questions

Hertz’s Information Security teams and cybersecurity partners continue monitoring for potential threats caused by Log4j vulnerabilities. We’re also working closely with our vendors to understand their risk mitigation and remediation strategies. As always, we’re committed to maintaining a secure technology environment and remain vigilant in monitoring this issue.

Were Hertz's networks or systems compromised by the Log4J vulnerability?

At this time, Hertz has not discovered evidence that its network or systems were compromised by the Log4J vulnerability.

What is Hertz doing to mitigate any potential Log4J risks?

Hertz implements mitigation measures and remediation strategies as recommended by its technology vendors and cybersecurity partners, and also stays informed of applicable recommendations from the Cybersecurity & Infrastructure Security Agency for mitigating Log4j vulnerabilities.

When does Hertz expect to complete the mitigation of Log4j vulnerabilities?

Hertz will continue to investigate and remediate Log4j vulnerabilities as recommended by CISA, technology vendors, and cybersecurity partners, and monitor the same sources for applicable updates. We remain committed to maintaining a secure technology environment.

If you have any questions or concerns, you may reach out to us at cybersecurity@hertz.com.