Your guide to driving in Italy

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by Hertz - 12 May 2017

Take a road trip in Italy and you’ll catch an eyeful of some of Europe’s most beautiful rolling hills and historical wonders. Whether you’re city-hopping or spending some quality time out in the countryside, few driving destinations can match Italy for sheer beauty in a square mile.

Before you start planning your next Italian jaunt it’s worth familiarising yourself with the rules of the road, as well as some of the most common driving customs in Italy. 

Congestion Charge Zone (Italian ZTL)

Some areas of many Italian cities are defined as Congestion Charge Zones. These are accessible only at certain times, which may vary according to events and other local festivities, and only by authorised vehicles such as public transport or local residents. Congestion Charge Zones are monitored by cameras and often marked with the sign “Varco Attivo” (when access is not permitted) or “Varco non attivo” (when access is permitted and there is no risk of a fine). 

When you rent with us, you are not permitted to use ZTLs. Failure to comply with this ban will result in you being fined and charged with an administration fee, both of which you are liable to pay. 

Speed Limit

Speed limits are carefully observed in Italy. Take care not to exceed the following limits in their given area:


  • Urban Roads - 50 km/h
  • Suburban Roads - 90 km/h
  • Suburban Main Roads - 110 km/h
  • Motorways - 130 km/h.


Hidden speed cameras are in operation; offenders will be fined, and may face prosecution. 

Toll on Motorways

If you don’t have a Telepass or Viacard, use the “Pay Cash or with Credit Card’’ lanes. You can take advantage of our “Telerent” service to avoid the queue on the motorways. The toll is compulsory. 

Make proper use of the lanes

Always drive on the right lane when the road ahead is clear. All offences are finable and can incur four points on your driving licence. Don’t drive in bus and/or taxi lanes. Failure to comply with this regulation will result in you being fined, and also charged with an administration fee. 

Mobile Phones

The use of mobile phones is allowed only with hands-free equipment or an earphone. Any offences will result in fines or prosecution. 

Blood alcohol content

Maximum legal rate 0.5 gr/l. Hertz recommends that you do not drink any alcohol if driving. Any offences will result in fines or prosecution. 

Seat Belt

The driver and passengers must always wear a seat belt. Offenders will be fined/prosecuted. 

Children on board

Children under 12 must use an approved child seat or child seat belt, which are available on request at our pick-up locations. Any offences will result in fines or prosecution. 

Snow Chains

Snow chains or tyres are compulsory in snowy weather conditions. These are available on request at one of our branches. 


Always park your car safely. Spaces marked with white lines are free, while yellow lines are reserved, and blue lines are paid parking areas. Failure to obey the rules given of each of the designated areas will result in fines or prosecution. 

High Visibility Jackets (equipped with the vehicle)

High Visibility Jackets must be worn in poor visibility, if the driver has to leave the vehicle on the road/emergency lane or in a lay-by. Any misuse of the High Visibility Jacket may result in a fine. 

Dipped beam headlamps

On motorway and suburban roads, dipped headlamps are mandatory even during daylight hours. 

Your rental agreement

When you hire with us, you are responsible for the following during your drives in Italy.

According to the Rental Agreement, the renter is fully responsible for all road tolls and/or other consequences levied due to the violation of traffic regulations during the rental. This may include congestion charges, parking offences or prohibitions, or any other traffic laws or regulations.

If you commit an offence while the electronic/remote surveillance devices are in operation, the fine will be sent to us within 90 days from the date of commitment. We’ll send your personal data to the relevant authorities, who will issue a penalty notification under your name. As stated in the Rental Agreement, we will charge you a reasonable administration fee to cover the cost of notifying the Competent Authorities.

For more info and details, please check at the Hertz counter or read our Qualifications & Requirements section on the Hertz website.