Visiting Boston and the best of New England

As the capital city of Massachusetts, Boston has played a significant role in the history of the United States of America. Offering both cultural and political attractions, ranging from the bar in famed US comedy Cheers, to the site of the Boston Tea Party, you'll easily find something of interest in the gateway of New England. Take a look at these famed Boston landmarks for a bit of inspiration:

Fenway Park

A must for any die hard sports fan - Boston's famed Red Sox baseball team have been a dominate force in Major League Baseball over recent years and their home ground Fenway Park is one of the finest in the country. First opened back in 1912, Fenway is the oldest ballpark in the entire sport and has hosted the World Series 10 times, so if you visit Boston during the on-season, you should definitely catch a game.

Freedom Trail

Passing through 16 historically significant sites around the city, the Freedom Trail was introduced into Boston back in 1951. Each stop on the walk has a plaque, describing the importance of the location and how it played a major role in the history of both the local area, and the United States as a whole. Visitors can follow the red brick route through from Boston Common round to the USS Constitution in the Charlestown district.

Boston Public Garden

This 24 acre plot of land is the biggest park in Boston and offers visitors a great retreat away from the bustling city centre. Opened back in 1837, it became the first public garden in the United States and is home to a wide variety of trees and plants. You'll also find statues and memorials devoted to the likes of George Washington, Colonel Thomas Crass and Boston-born philanthropist George Robert White

John F. Kennedy Presidential Museum & Library

Located in the city that made him, the John F. Kennedy Presidential Museum & Library offers visitors the chance to learn more about the thirty-fifth president of the United States of America. The collection was dedicated in honour of the late President Kennedy in 1979 and homes a variety of exhibits and artefacts relating to his rise through politics, his stint in the White House and his historic assassination.

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