Why holiday in one destination, when with a Hertz car at your disposal you can see so much more?

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This summer, we want to inspire you to savour the journey, not just the destination. We’ve teamed up with the travel experts from Culture Trip, the lifestyle and culture hub, to identify some of the best stops to enjoy when driving in Europe this summer.

Find out more about some of our top stops in Italy:

Vinci – Tuscany, Italy

Just over halfway between Pisa and Florence, stop off and discover the birthplace of one of the most famous artists in history. Vinci is a small, typically quaint Tuscan town, made famous by its 15th century inhabitant Leonardo da Vinci, one of the founding fathers of the Renaissance.

Sitting amidst the hills below the Apennine mountains, and surrounded by countryside dotted with olive groves and grapevines, visitors can enjoy stunning views of the valley from its main piazza as well as visiting Leonardo’s house and a museum dedicated to his life and work.

Recreated from his detailed notes, the Museo Leonardiano have constructed full scale models of Leonardo's inventions; everything from bicycles, cars and flying machines to an underwater suit and weaponry well before any of them were developed in the following centuries. There is a museum like this in the centre of Florence, but with just a 35 mins drive by car outside of the city, why not opt for viewing these engineering marvels near the home of the genius himself? Then enjoy authentic Tuscan cuisine at places such as La Toretta, with menus rich with local flavours.

Vinci – Tuscany, Italy © stefano_marinar/Shutterstock

Civita Di Bagnoregio – Viterbo, Italy

Reached only by way of a footbridge suspended at a great height over the valley, park the car and discover the magical Civita Di Bagnoregio—one of Italy's oldest and most beautiful hilltop towns is an unforgettable place to stop off on the drive to Rome.

74 miles north of Rome and with a population of just 10 people, the main entrance is a huge stone passageway cut by the Etruscans 2,500 years ago, decorated in the 12th century with a Romanesque arch.

Perched atop sheer cliffs overlooking deep canyons, you can sample delicious food and wine in the highly recommended Alma Civita, where the chefs work exclusively with local produce. With a tasteful and modern re-interpretation of traditional regional dishes, the food is stunningly presented. Run by the Rocchi family who have been in the area for centuries, they specialise in freshly handmade pasta and bread— the focaccia with black salt and rosemary is not to be missed!

The president of the region has argued that the village "is one of the most beautiful places in the world” and it is currently being considered by the U.N.'s cultural organization UNESCO for its global list of World Heritage sites. As the city is built on volcanic ash and is under threat of land erosion, so see this “Jewel on the Hill” in all its glory whilst you can!

Civita Di Bagnoregio – Viterbo, Italy © canadastock/Shutterstock

Sperlonga – Latina, Italy

Nestled about halfway between Rome and Naples, Sperlonga is a beautiful coastal town in Southern Lazio and well worth the stop. Whitewashed houses are clustered together on a steep headland, and the streets many stairways bring you to various unexpected terraces overlooking the sea.

Below the town are two golden sand crescent shores, regularly awarded the prestigious environmental rating ‘Bandiera blu d’Europa’ (European blue flag) for its beautifully clean sea and delightful beaches, which extend for miles.

It is recognised that Emperor Tiberius (14 AD - 37 AD) owned villas in the area during his reign. Known as 'the Cavern' or ‘Tiberius’ Grotto’, this is where the Emperor took shelter and narrowly escaped death when the ceiling of his villa began caving in. Visitors can now explore the ruins of the former stomping ground of the infamous Roman Emperor.

For something to eat, head to Gli Archi where the food is seasonal and quintessentially Mediterranean. With simplicity and authenticity at its core, pasta dishes are the highlight, all prepared with fresh local seafood.

Sperlonga – Latina, Italy © fischers/Shutterstock

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