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Some USA landmarks that are so iconic that paying each of them a visit is surely on anyone’s bucket list to visit whenever they’re in the area. Such legendary places like Mount Rushmore where the heads of four historic US presidents are carved into the granite, and the Statue of Liberty which welcomed the “huddled masses” of the millions of immigrants arriving to start a new life in the new world.


Then there are those landmarks which are just weird – but again, well worth dropping in on when you’ve hired a car and are passing through.


World’s Biggest Ball of Twine - Cawker City, Kansas 

In 1953 Frank Stoeber of Cawker City, Kansas decided it would be a good idea to create the world’s biggest ball of sisal twine. Within four years it had reached eight feet in height and 5,000 lbs in weight – and thanks to the annual festival called the twine-a-thon - when residents add lengths of their own to it – it’s growing ever larger. If you’re passing through during ‘Twine Ball Day’ in August, they might invite you to join in as well.



Carhenge – Alliance, Nebraska 

Unlike the mysterious history of our own Stonehenge, the origins of the US version are a lot more obvious. It was created in 1987 by Jim Reinders in honour of his father. This Nebraska oddity consists of 38 classic American cars arranged in the exact formation of the ancient stones, and has been laid out to be in perfect alignment with the solar eclipse that’s due to occur in the Midwest skies on August 21st 2017. If you can’t wait that long, you can visit anytime. 



World’s Largest Frying Pan – Long Beach, Washington 

14 feet high and nine-and-a-half feet wide, this massive frying pan was forged in 1941 to publicise the annual razor clam festival that’s held in Long Beach, Washington each year. Then, when you’ve taken all the photos you want of the pan, make sure you also check out Long Beach’s other key tourist attraction – the world’s longest chopsticks. 



Lucy the Elephant – Margate, New Jersey 

If you’re driving through Margate, New Jersey and think you see a giant elephant on the horizon, rest assured it’s no mirage. Lucy is six stories high, and was built in 1881 to attract visitors and potential property buyers to the local area, found to the south of Atlantic City. Today you can still climb the spiral staircase up to the platform at the top of Lucy for fantastic 360-degree views. 



Fountain of Youth – Lewes, Delaware 

Supposedly discovered by Dutch settlers in the 17th century, the waters from the Fountain of Youth in Lewes supposedly help you to fight back the advancing years – it’s not known whether the town really does have the oldest population in the States, but it’s really quite unlikely.



Of course, these five are really just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to odd sights that will leave you thinking “only in America”. So watch out for signs when you’re cruising the freeways, and you too could end up discovering anything from the world’s largest boot to a tiny church, with only enough space for a congregation of three.