Mumbles Pier Swansea

Location: Mumbles Pier

10am - 10pm

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Before the age of buckets, spades and sand in your shoes, came the boom of the British seaside holiday during the Victorian era. The coal miners of South Wales flocked with families to Swansea in the 19th century for their summer break and, to cater for them, Mumbles Pier was built in 1898. 

Stretching 835 feet out into the sea and looking out towards both Mumbles lighthouse and Port Talbot in the distance, the pier would have had stalls, amusements and all the other elements of a classic seaside experience. It was also a terminal for the paddle steamers that brought tourists from all over south-west Wales to the area. 

Today, unlike many of the piers round Britain that have fallen into disrepair, Mumbles Pier is still very much a draw for tourists. 

The pier is owned by the Bollom family who are keeping the tradition alive by ensuring that all the old features of its Victorian charm remain, while providing the latest and greatest in modern-day entertainment. 

Alongside the old penny arcades there’s a thrilling virtual reality ride in the pier’s XD Theatre that promises excitement in 6-D. 

You can also head for the bowling alley and notch up a few strikes, or take the wheel of one of the galleons on the pier’s pirate-themed adventure ride. 

The shops on the pier sell everything from ice creams to souvenirs, or alternatively you can relax over a cup of tea and a piece of the Victorian-style Beach Hut Café. 

For a day out that takes in the best of Victorian-era architecture and mixes it with a splash of family fun, Mumbles Pier provides an enjoyable experience for all ages.


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