Stuttgart’s Great Outdoors

Stuttgart is the sixth largest city in Germany and is one of the most popular areas in the country for tourists. It’s no surprise really when its surroundings – vineyards, valleys and many parks – are so beautiful. As well as this, the city is known to have a wonderful small town charm about it and is famous for its links with the automotive industry - Porsche and Mercedes-Benz both have their headquarters and museums here.


Here are three top places to visit if you’d like to explore the great outdoors that Stuttgart has to offer…


Wilhelma Zoo and Botanical Garden


Wilhelma was built as a royal palace in the mid-19th century, but is now the only large combined zoological and botanical garden in Europe, homing over 8,000 animals and 5,000 species of plants. It’s known as the best place to visit in Stuttgart for a leisurely experience and is open every day of the year. Plus, come rain or shine, there’s something to keep you entertained, as the animal and plant houses are interlinked with covered walkways. The latest addition to the park is the ape house, home to gorillas and bonobos, and it’s something not to be missed.


Rubble Hill


Another must-see in Stuttgart’s vibrant landscape is Rubble Hill. Made from ruins of the city from the Second World War, this historical landmark in the Southwest Corner stands as a memorial to the victims. It’s the highest point in the area, so it also offers stunning views of the valley below, including the wonderful Stuttgart. We recommend you visit at sunset for an even more special experience.




This is home to a gothic cathedral, a breath-taking sight with a surrounding lake which offers a nice spot to relax. Why not visit at dusk and take in the calming atmosphere? There are restaurants and shops nearby, yet these don’t detract from the relaxing feel. It’s a great place to enjoy a cup of coffee and while away the hours.


If these outdoor delights take your fancy, then you’d do best getting around Stuttgart by car. You can explore each locations and venture out of the city to take in more of the surroundings.