Spending more time together as a family

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by Conrad - 09 June 2015

Taking the kids on an action-packed day out may seem like the ultimate way to spend time together with your nearest and dearest. But with the cost of living constantly rising, and the activities themselves often providing yet another expense, family days out can seem like more like a dream than a reality.


We undertook a survey that revealed some surprising results - mainly, that the cost of partaking in activities is limiting families from spending quality time together.


Cost is big factor

Over two-thirds of parents say that cost is a factor which stops them enjoying days out with the kids, while the average yearly cost for family fun days amounts to around £440. Parents aged 25-34 are said to be hit the hardest when it comes to paying for fun, exciting things to do with more than half (56%) saying they simply cannot afford it.


Overall, 26% of people surveyed admit that it is simply too expensive to take the kids out on a regular basis and with the summer holidays just around the corner, some parents may be left scratching their head for activities to undertake.


Time is of the essence

Working long hours, overtime and keeping up with chores are some of the reasons many of us can’t find the time to spend with our family. Of those surveyed, 45% say spare time is an issue and a quarter say this is down to work commitments.


As many as one third (31%) claim they only get to spend time together once a month and 16% say they spend quality time together as little as once every three months.


A quarter of parents who live in London spend an average of six hours a week enjoying the outdoors with their off-spring – double that of Scottish families. Almost a quarter (23%) of respondents from Northern Ireland, Wales and Scotland stated they only get to spend time together once every three months.


So what can you do to get out there with your loved ones?


Hertz Together – A way to spend time together for free

With the summer holidays just around the corner, many parents are beginning to wonder how they can keep their young ones entertained. But spending time together does not need to cost anything, so we have created the Hertz Together guide. This digital guide lets you see all the great things you can enjoy in various cities should you be looking for ideas for a great day out. All are free and may inspire you to get out and about and make some great memories.