Romantic roads: Europe's most beautiful drives

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by Hertz - 30 December 2019

The likes of Paris, Dublin and beautiful Bruges are often top of the romantic getaway list. But we think there’s more fun to be had than squeezing in a city break, especially when wider Europe is blessed with so many romantic routes.

Here’s our verdict on Europe’s most beautiful drives – perfect for exploring with a loved one.


Romantic Road, Germany

3 days’ drive

Starting in Munich, this 280-mile drive south takes you through the best of medieval Germany. Castles, cobbled streets and lush forest combine to evoke Bavarian beauty in a variety of towns and villages.

Highlights of this stunning drive include Würzburg, where you’ll find the looming Marienburg Fortress, and Baroque buildings like the UNESCO-listed Würzburg Residence.

The Neuschwanstein Castle in Schwangau is another source of breathtaking scenery. Towering over the surrounding forest, the structure built by King Ludwig II is positively Disneyesque. Stop off in one of the neighbouring towns, like Hohenschwangau, for a warm welcome and beautiful medieval buildings.

Amalfi Coast, Italy

2 days’ drive

A Mediterranean meander along the Amalfi Coast means fine driving at any time of the year. In this climate, even the low winter sun is the perfect companion for some sunlit coastal views.

Stretching from Sorrento to Salerno, your best bet is hiring a car in Naples and joining the fun a little further up the coast. The region is packed with history, from the ancient site of Pompeii to the clutch of Middle Ages cathedrals.

The beauty of the beaches stretching along the coast will lure you from the driver’s seat for pleasant strolls through the pretty villages etched into the cliffs of the Sorrentine Peninsula.

Corniche Roads, France

Half day’s drive

The Riviera route from Nice to Menton incorporates three Corniches, or cliff roads. Roughly an hour’s drive at most, choose your road to suit your mood.

The lower (basse) Corniche winds through a series of serene coastal resorts. Villefranche is one of France’s biggest cruise ship ports, while Beaulieu has escaped the trappings of Riviera redevelopment to provide a quaint, quiet experience.

The Moyenne Corniche is a highway drive that looks out onto the same resorts, adding some visual verve to a busy coastal cruise.

Our favourite has to be the Grande Corniche, a Roman road set into the rocks that brings fantastic views over the Mediterranean coastline.

Ring of Kerry, Ireland

Half day’s drive

A 110-mile loop around the Inveragh Peninsula brings you some of Ireland’s most magnificent scenery, gorgeous coastline and plenty of tourist attractions.

Start off in Killarney and Ireland’s first national park, boasting a variety of rare wildlife and an idyllic forest walk, as well as the historic Ross Castle. Then take to the rugged roads and experience Ireland’s rural charm via scenic villages – Waterville is perfectly poised on the beach – and stretches of coastline. Ladies View is one of the ring’s best-known scenic stops, while Waterville is one of the very best spots for seeing the stars come out at night on earth– as certified by the International Dark-Sky Association.

If you’ve been inspired to get out on the romantic roads of Europe, hire a car and discover these sights for yourself.