Planning Your Trip to Norwich and Beyond

With a wealth of amazing things to see and do, Norwich is Norfolk’s crown jewel. Its exquisite architecture and cultural heritage includes a fantastic mix of attractions including Norwich Cathedral, Norwich Castle, and the impeccable Plantation Garden.

If you fancy entertaining your artistic side, Mandell’s Gallery offers a fine collection of traditional and contemporary art. And of course, Salhouse Broad is a treat for camping and canoeing enthusiasts who aren’t afraid of a little splash.

Start planning your visit to Norwich today with our guide to the best of East Anglia.

Norwich Castle

A landmark with a significant historical legacy, Norwich Castle was constructed by the order of William the Conqueror in the Middle Ages and used as a fort. The building has been utilised in various capacities throughout the many years of its existence.

It was a prison for nearly six centuries, hence a lot of the original medieval architectural underpinnings. For those with a taste for art and archaeology, an elegant collection of both can be found within the walls.

Listed as one of the city’s twelve heritage sites, the site is one of the top things to do in Norwich. It can also be reached after a short drive of fewer than five minutes from the city centre.

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The Plantation Garden

This stunningly attractive garden is reminiscent of the Victorian period and brings a blissful serenity the moment you enter. The Plantation Garden is a well-maintained haven in which nature over three acres of pleasant greenery welcome you as you step inside the grounds.

Highlights include the Medieval terrace wall and Gothic fountain structure, which adds a nice water element to the well-manicured gardens. Surprisingly, this garden was once completely abandoned and didn’t receive a complete restoration until the 1980s.

A 10-minute drive along the 2.2-mile route from the city centre will take you to one of the places you certainly need to visit in Norwich.

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Norwich Cathedral

Norwich Cathedral offers 11th century architectural magnificence that will blow you away with its sheer size – the spire is the second tallest in England. Once you step inside, you’ll be awed gazing at the sculptural exuberance of its nave ceiling and more than 300 stone ceiling bosses.

Guided tours are available and offer a deeper, real-time insight into the building. There are also exhibitions held regularly in the Hostry area of the building.

Norwich Cathedral is rightly listed among the twelve heritage sites this beautiful city has to offer. Better yet, it can be reached in just under 10 minutes from Norwich city centre.

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Salhouse Broad

Found around half an hour north east of Norwich, on the River Bure, Salhouse Broad is a 32-acre lake that is a haven for local wildlife and a great place to explore the Norfolk Broads. The broad itself

There’s a collection of pathways and nature trails to experience the wilderness at its finest, letting you get up close to nature during your visit. You can also take to the water, with canoes available for hire and there’s even a mini beach that is perfect for relaxing with a picnic.

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Great Yarmouth Pleasure Beach

Entertaining thrill-seekers for over 100 years since its opening in 1909, Great Yarmouth Pleasure Beach promises an adrenalin-packed day during your visit to Norwich. Found on Great Yarmouth’s beachfront, less than 45 minutes away from Norwich, it’s a fantastic daytrip from the city.

The main event of Great Yarmouth’s wonderland is the wooden rollercoaster, opened in 1932. This retro ride is the park’s biggest, while there’s also a collection of 30-plus rides to also enjoy while you’re here.

Grab your tickets for a day out with the family, where you’ll find everything from log flume rides and monorails to vertical drops and smaller rides for young children. Those with a sweet tooth can also tuck into ice creams from stalls dotted around the park – a slice of a classic British seaside holiday.  

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The Cathedral of St John the Baptist

A prominent gothic design highlights the structural magnificence of this Roman Catholic cathedral – one of the two main cathedrals for you to visit on your trip to Norwich. Construction began on the Cathedral of St John the Baptist in 1882 and was completed in 1910, with the Gothic Revival stylings of the building well worth the wait.

As well as the main features that are commonplace in cathedrals, there is also an on-site library with over 5,000 publications. Additionally, the visitor’s centre at the cathedral’s community hub, the Narthex, offers a gallery and a community garden.

This cathedral is easily reachable in just under 10 minutes from the city centre. It’s also less than 10 minutes from Norwich Cathedral, if you’re looking to visit both in the same day.

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Whitlingham Country Park

A man-made park created after gravel extraction, this country oasis is made for a relaxed stroll among nature. Opportunities to enjoy bushcraft, climbing and archery ensure visitors are never short of activities.

Those who prefer something with a bit more splash can take to the waters with boats and canoes available for hire. There are also courses for beginners and the more advanced alike.

With a packed schedule of outdoor sport events, picnics and workshops, one might not be enough. You can pitch a tent in the campsite and stay a bit longer. You don’t need to stray too far from the city to escape to the wild either, as the park is only a short 10-minute drive from the centre of Norwich.

Mandell’s Gallery

Founded in 1965, Mandell’s Gallery houses a varied collection of art from the 19th century to the contemporary. Here you’ll find three very different rooms, each displaying a different kind of art.

Two of the galleries refresh their offerings every month with revolving exhibitions, so there’s always something different to see in this artistic heaven. The cobbled streets of the celebrated Elm Hill provide a perfect setting to fire up your own creative inspiration.

You can easily drive to this gallery, as it’s just a short one-and-a-half-mile journey from the city centre.

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Enjoy a trip to this serene and charming city when you hire a car in Norwich today.