Life Science Centre Newcastle

Location: Times Square, Newcastle

Mon-Sat 10am-5pm, Sun 11am-5pm

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Since opening back in 2000, Newcastle’s Life Science Centre has established itself as a leading tourist attraction, bringing in 250,000 curious visitors each year. The ethos of the Life Science Centre is to make science as fun and accessible as possible - that’s why you’ll find everything from rides to a planetarium crammed inside. 

Perhaps the centre’s most enjoyable feature is the thrilling 4D Motion Ride. Take a seat and you’re immediately thrust into the centre of the action as they twist and turn, with added smoke and wind effects making for an even more realistic experience. The theme of the ride varies dependent on when you attend, but previous highlights include a shortened and specially adapted version of Pacific Rim. In this Warner Bros. production, monstrous sea creatures threaten mankind, but you can join up with the resistance using their own machine creations. This white-knuckle ride not only provides thrills and spills but also a quick introduction to the intricacies of engineering. 

Another of the centre’s most highly regarded features is its planetarium, the largest in the North. Thanks to the latest in modern technology, you can take a look at the live skies, and observe the stars, other planets and even entire constellations. The ever-helpful staff at the centre will also provide you with all the advice you need to help you spot these from home. Another great feature of the planetarium is the Celestial Cycles display, a 20-minute show that focuses on how the cycles of outer space affect us here on planet Earth. Celestial Cycles gives visitors an insight into everything from how the tides are affected by the moon to how our universe came about.

Other zones at the centre include the Experimental Zone, a fantastic area for any budding young scientist. Getting hands–on with the setup is very much encouraged at the Life Science Centre, and nowhere is this more evident than the Experimental Zone. Here you can carry out practical experiments with real-life scientific equipment under the guidance of qualified experts. The Centre’s latest addition is the Brain Zone where  there’s a range of displays and exhibits dedicated to discovering the human brain. Prepare to be stunned by the overwhelming evidence of just how powerful the human brain is.

As well as all these fantastic zones, the Life Science Centre also hosts a revolving door of exciting interactive exhibitions. The eagerly awaited Animal Inside Out exhibit will open on the 28th of May and run until January 2017. Animal Inside Out will explore the inner workings of some of nature’s favourite animals, as well as comparing them to humans. 

With action-packed rides and a lot to be learned, Newcastle’s Life Science Centre is not only one of the best educational attractions in the United Kingdom, but also one of the most entertaining. 

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