Newcastle - The architectural must-sees

With so much going on in the lively city of Newcastle, it can be hard to know where to start. This bustling metropolitan is home to numerous attractions, great retail shops and is a well-known place for an unforgettable night-out.

Being such as vibrant area, it can be difficult to stop and take in the local surroundings. Newcastle has some incredible architecture dotted around the city which can make for picturesque views and memorable photos.

Here are five of the top architectural spots to look out for:

Angel of the North

Possibly the most famous attraction in the Tyne and Wear district, Antony Gormley's 20 metre high Angel of the North, watches over Newcastle and Gateshead. Constructed in 1998 and made from 200 tonnes of steel, the iconic structure stands proudly over the city. Over ninety thousands drivers will see the statue on a daily basis and the distinctive curves and ribs will continue to redden as time passes.

The Tyne Bridge

As a symbol of Newcastle's engineering heritage, the Tyne Bridge offers visitors a recognisable landmark as well as a road into Gateshead. Built in 1932 by Dorman Long and co, the iconic bridge still appears to be extremely modern in its design.

The Castle

Constructed almost 2,000 years ago the castle keep, which sits in the heart of the city, is one of the UKs finest medieval stone forts. The architecture of this historical site fits the bill as a traditional castle and sitting on the original timber fort from which the city got its name gives you even more reason to visit.

Theatre Royal

Being only one of nine Grade I listed theatres in England, the Theatre Royal is not only a place to see a fine example of neoclassic design, but also due to the impressive accolade this theatre has received. The playhouse has gone under many makeovers since it was first opened in 1837 but it currently stands with its original designs.

Newcastle Cathedral

St. Nicholas Cathedral stands as one of Newcastle's most historical and finest buildings. The gothic architecture can be seen in the impressive spire which has graced the city's skyline for many years, as well as acting as a guide for ships travelling in the River Tyne. Many of the cathedrals features are from the 14th and 15th centuries although the earliest fragment appears to date back to Norman times.

The variety of architecture which surround the city of Newcastle displays not only the uniqueness of the city, but also its journey through time. With different aspects showcasing different design styles, Newcastle's buildings are something of a spectacle - just remember to look up.

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