Moving Day Hacks – How to Pack a Van

So you’ve found your new home, and the admin and fees have finally been settled. However, there’s still one last chore to undertake before you can really make your new house a home – moving out. You need to ensure all your most cherished items - from vases to sofas – can be taken from A to B in tip-top condition, while saving time and effort on the back-breaking labour. To help you do so here are a few handy hints to consider when it comes to packing a van.


Heaviest items first

It may seem like an obvious one but it’s certainly worth stating; the last thing you want is that solid oak table placed on top of your favourite wine glasses, leaving you with nothing but shards of glass on arrival. Before you start packing, take a few minutes and have a good think about what items you’re transporting and how much they weigh. That way, you can be sure you don’t accidentally leave a heavier item until last - meaning you don’t have to completely unload and repack the van again. This is certainly a task that is worth that extra couple of minutes’ preparation.


Disassemble bulky furniture

Disassembling bulky furniture is a technique that is worth doing for three reasons. First, taking pieces of furniture apart will allow you to manoeuvre them a lot easier; not only is it lighter but its smaller size will make it easier to handle. Secondly, disassembled furniture will take up less space in the van, leaving you with much more room for other items later on. Finally, breaking the furniture down into its basic parts will make them stronger and more durable, meaning it’s far less likely to have been damaged (or cause damage itself) when you open the van at the other end.


Pack and label boxes by room

It may not seem like a helpful process at the time you’re packing - but trust us on this one, you’ll definitely be grateful you did it when it comes to unpacking. Packing and labelling items on a room–by-room basis will save you so much time when you arrive, allowing you to make the transition from house to home a lot quicker. Think how exhausted and stressed you’re going to be after lugging all those boxes around, you’re going to want to know where the coffee cups are, aren’t you?


Pack a bunch of essentials for moving day and load it last

Touching on our last tip, pack a few essentials, like food and a kettle, and load them last so you can take them in first. You’ve got a long day ahead of you, so you’re going to want to have a few drinks and snacks to help you along on your way.


Consider the size of the van you’ll need

Of course you might be able to move to your new four-bed in your city car, but it’s going to take you a lot of runs and you’re almost certainly going to break something in the rush. Make a list of what you’re taking with you and consider, realistically, how big the van you hire will need to be. Also bear in mind that affording yourself that little bit more room in the van is likely to make your day a lot less stressful, as well as reducing the likelihood of damaging any of your much-cherished items.


As with any big life event, moving house can be a very stressful time, but with the right forward planning you can make the process of setting up in your new home a lot easier.