Make the most of Christmas car hire in the USA

Some of the best Christmas movies of all time are set in the US, and there’s no denying New York is one of the greatest places to make memories during the holiday season. If you’re visiting the US this Christmas and not just being transported through your TV, then it’s time to get planning. We’ve put together five benefits to planning ahead and hiring a car to get around.

Car Karaoke

After a long-haul flight it’s always a nice relief to have some organised transport waiting for you. If you’re visiting friends and family you’ll want to be able to get up and go when you please, and hiring a car in the USA is the easiest way to travel between each stop on your planned journey. Enjoy some family time in the comfort of your own car - that karaoke Christmas CD is not going to sing itself.

Keep festive spirits high

Don’t let public transport spoil your festive fun. During Christmas the merry mayhem of people travelling could add more than a little stress to your trip. Wasting time squashed between Christmas shoppers on the metro or the bus is not an ideal scenario when you could be travelling comfortably from place to place in your own hire car instead. Hiring a car will help you save on costs, not to mention family tiffs along the way.

Retrace the movie stars

There’s only one way to enjoy the open road and vast landscapes that America has to offer and that’s in the luxury of your own car. By travelling at your own pace you can stop off at landmarks you may otherwise have missed. Whether you’re doing Route 66, Highway 61, or travelling coast to coast, driving is the only way to get the full Americana experience. Cruise through the Grand Canyon and retrace the trails of movie stars.

Don’t miss Santa

America hosts plenty of special Christmas attractions like Disneyland, or the chance to go ice-skating on a spectacular rink, and the likelihood is you’ve promised your family a long list of adventures. Heaven forbid you let anything get in the way of your children meeting the real Santa Claus at Macy’s, or the Christmas concert you’ve pre-booked tickets for. Avoid the queues and festive chaos by arriving at opening times and plan the journey ahead of time - including where to park.

Hit the malls

You can’t visit the US without shopping at one of America’s famed malls, especially at Christmas time. Hit the sales at Minnesota’s Mall of America, the South Coast Plaza in Orange County  or Pennsylvania’s King of Prussia Mall, to name a few. After a fun filled day of shopping, load up your hire car with all of your holiday bargains. Just don’t forget - you might need an extra suitcase to get it all home.

For these festive reasons and more, hiring a car in the US over Christmas will keep spirits high, and guarantee a safe and enjoyable trip. We don’t know about you but it may be time to get planning.