Chanonry Point

Location: Ness Road, Inverness



To get an up-close experience of dolphins and other sea life, head into north-east Scotland and visit Chanonry Point, just outside of Inverness. Found on Black Isle between Fortrose and Rosemarkie, dolphins are a common sight in the waters all round Britain, so a journey up to the Moray Firth will give you the perfect opportunity to see these majestic creatures.

The best time to see the dolphins is when the tide is coming in, as they chase the fish which are being swept in to shore – check the day’s tide times for Inverness, which you can find online. The perfect place to spot dolphins is from the shingle beach by the lighthouse and, though their visit can never be guaranteed, you’ll be able to get very close indeed if they do make an appearance.

Pay a visit to Inverness Marina too and you’ll find that there are boat trips on offer - you can go dolphin-spotting offshore at times when the tide’s not coming in.

From Chanonry Point, you’ll also be able to visit Fort George. Originally built for King George II, today it’s an operational fort which houses a unit of the British Army. Visitors are welcome - and you will be rewarded by the impressive sight of the fort, whose walls surround an area the size of five football pitches, and where everything is built on a grand scale. The Grand Magazine was built to hold over 2,500 barrels of gunpowder at one time, but now it houses a fine collection of 18th century arms and military equipment.