Hire a Motorbike in Spain or Portugal

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by Conrad - 30 November 2015

Travelling by motorbike can be one of the most enjoyable ways to see the world, so we’ve partnered with Touratech, the market leaders for protective parts, accessories and luggage for motorbikes, to provide motorbike hire across Spain and Portugal. We have a range of BMW motorbikes fully fitted with Touratech equipment so that you can select the one that best suits your requirements.


Motorbike hire is available from one of our many locations that can be found across both Spain and Portugal.


In Spain, you can rent our motorbike from the cities of Alicante, Barcelona and Madrid, and in Portugal you will find our motorbikes in the cities of Cascais, Faro, Lisbon and Porto. With our locations spread out across both countries, there is a great opportunity to get out on the road and discover so much of these fantastic places.


We also offer a number of popular motorbike tours around Western Europe. Our tours start from locations across Spain and Portugal, and will set you out on an adventure you won’t forget anytime soon.


Tours include: Barcelona and Southern France, where, over the course of seven days, you will visit the hilltop towns of the Pyrenees and fishing villages by the Mediterranean, before arriving back in the vibrant city of Barcelona. You can also travel around the south of Spain on the Andalucía tour, visiting the sights of Granada, Cordoba and Seville.


There’s even the amazing chance to venture to a different continent with our weeklong tour of Morocco. After arriving off the ferry from Spain, you and the rest of the group will ride through forests, deserts and mountain ranges on what will be an extraordinary trip through a different culture. Take a look at our excellent range of tours and find the best one for you.


We’re extremely excited about our partnership with Touratech, so to find out all about motorbike hire with hertz, click here.