Getting to Know the Other Washington

With its history and iconic monuments, Washington DC, America’s capital city, is not surprisingly a high priority destination on most visitors’ to do list. But there is another Washington - the state – that is equally worth a visit.


Also known as the Evergreen State, it was named after George Washington, the first president of the United States, and with its picturesque famous landscapes, sandy Pacific Ocean beaches, and cultural celebrations throughout the year, it’s little wonder Washington’s cities are often referred to as America, the Beautiful.


But where to begin in taking in the cultural hotspots? We’ve started you off below…


Seattle Art Museum

Washington’s largest city, Seattle, is home to the Seattle Art Museum, which, since 1933, has showcased visual arts in celebration of the region’s diverse and combined culture. The museum’s collections and exhibitions, which feature various art forms from across the globe, focus on bridging the gap between cultures and centuries.


Olympic Peninsula

The Olympic Peninsula is one of Washington’s most scenic stretches of land, with the majestic Olympic Mountains proudly watching over the area. You will need a couple of days if you’re to experience all the outdoors has to offer, from the lakes and waterfalls, to its rivers and beaches. And a heads up to Twilight fans – visit Forks to tour the city where Stephenie Meyer’s hit books are set.


Mount Rainier

An active volcano, standing 14,410 feet above sea level, Mount Rainier is one of Washington’s most iconic landmarks. Get the best view of the volcano by taking a ride on the Mt Rainier Gondola, which takes the scenic route, through meadows of wildflowers, up to the summit of Crystal Mountain. A moment to take in the breath-taking view is advised, but a visit to the Summit House, Washington’s highest elevation restaurant, also comes highly recommended.


Pike Place Market

One of America’s most famous public markets, and dubbed ‘the soul of Seattle’, Pike Place Market is home to hundreds of businesses, craftspeople and farmers – and attracts 10 million visitors every year. Tap into the locals’ imaginative ways of selling their wares, and be sure to spot the fishmongers, renowned for their daily game of catch.


Hall Spassov Gallery

Lovers of fine art will appreciate Hall Spassov Gallery’s vast collection of acclaimed international, national and regional artists. With locations in Seattle and Bellevue, since opening in 2006 the owners have developed the business from an underground workspace into the two spaces it uses today, with monthly rotated exhibitions.


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