Exploring Cyprus’ Wild Spaces

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by Hertz - 28 March 2022

As the Mediterranean’s third biggest island, Cyprus has become renowned the world over as an island of staggering beauty and depth. Packed with incredible beaches and lush landscapes, this gem in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea also features hidden treasures further inland.

Fantastic architecture, monasteries, churches and intriguing museums are peppered in among the luscious green forests and picturesque spots on the island.

Whether you’re in town for the weekend or planning a road trip along the Mediterranean coast, we’ve put together a short guide to some of the best wild spaces and things to do in Cyprus.

Adonis Baths Waterfalls

Located in the southwest coast of the Paphos area, the Adonis Waterfalls aren’t the most accessible attraction on the Island. There’s a collection of steep and bumpy roads to navigate first, so it’s best to rely on a trustworthy off-road vehicle to get you there.

It may be a bumpy ride, but it’s worth it. Adonis Waterfalls are found in an attractive spot, featuring an 867-feet waterfall and natural pool, making it well worth the journey.

Cyprus has a rich history of ancient myths and legends, so it’s no surprise that several places on the island hold a strong mythological significance. Adonis Baths Waterfalls are no exception, as they’re said to be the place where Adonis and Aphrodite would frequent.

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Cyprus beach

Larnaca Salt Lake

Larnaca Salt Lake can be found just off the main road to Larnaca Airport and is easily accessible from the city centre. As the second largest lake in Cyrus, it is a must-see destination, especially during winter when pink flamingos flock to the island shores.

Between November and March, thousands of these wild birds gather around the lake seeking refuge and food for the winter. It’s an amazing spot to enjoy a little birdwatching if you’re visiting during the winter months.

The area surrounding the Salt Lake is beautiful, overlooking striking hills and clear mountain skies, making it the perfect place to enjoy a leisurely stroll. There are also several paths, benches and viewing decks dotted along the banks, for those who wish to enjoy a moment of relaxation.

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Caledonia Waterfall

Located in the village of Platres, the Caledonia Waterfall is one of the highest in Cyprus and can be found nestled in the woods, within the mountainous village of Platres. The falls are an impressive 12 metres tall and, during the warmer seasons, they offer a cool, shaded retreat from the soaring Mediterranean sun.

Around the waterfall lies the 3-kilometre Caledonia Falls Trail that dives into two sections. The first trail leads directly to the waterfalls while the second extends to the nearby village.

En route to the waterfall, hikers can observe many species of native wildflowers that reside in the natural. You’ll also be greeted with the sound of birdsong when visiting at certain times of the year.

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Cape Greco National Forest Park

Tucked away from the hustle and bustle of Ayia Napa, Cape Greco is a natural haven. With rocky cliffs and sandy shores, there’s plenty of wild beauty for keen adventurers to spend the day exploring.

Home to crystal clear waters, Cape Greco is a popular spot for diving, snorkeling and swimming. Take an exhilarating dive 13 metres below the surface of the still turquoise waters and discover a wealth of diverse Mediterranean marine life – from loggerhead turtles to blue spotted cornet fish.

Away from the water, Cape Creo is home to nine nature trails, ideal for hikers and explorers in the area. One of the trails forms part of the E4 European long-distance path, that runs all the way from Cyrus to the Iberian Peninsula.

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Limassol National Forest Park

Limassol National Forest Park is a picturesque jungle retreat, just a short distance away from the city, offering an oasis of calm from Cyprus’ second largest city. Expanding across thousands of square kilometers of land, the national forest offers the ideal place to be at one with nature.

If relaxing among the trees isn’t your thing, the forest park is also home to picnic facilities, wooden kiosks and a large playground area. Here you’ll find various games and activities for little ones, including treasure hunting, horseback riding and archery.

The Park is also home to an on-site cafeteria where guests can enjoy warm food, refreshing drinks and sweet treats and ice cream.

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turtles on a beach

Lara Bay Turtle Conservation

Nestled on the white sands of Lara Bay, this conservation area is home to green and loggerhead turtles. Access to the beach is only permitted on foot but it’s a short walk from the car park.

During hatching season from mid-May to mid-August, visitors can catch a glimpse of the turtles coming into shore to lay their eggs. Just remember to look and not touch, as the turtles are considered an endangered species and their eggs are protected from natural predators and human interference.

If you happen to be visiting outside of hatching season, a trip to Lara Bay should still be on the cards. With not a sun bed or tourist attraction in sight, the isolated beach offers some of the most tranquil bays in Cyprus.

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Petra tou Romiou (Aphrodite’s Rock)

Petra tou Romiou, also known as Aphrodite’s Rock, is a large formation of rocks along the southwest coast of the Paphos district. According to legend, the ancient Greek goddess of love, Aphrodite, was born here from the ocean.

Aphrodite’s Rock resides on the shores of Aphrodite Beach. The iconic landmark’s combination of natural beauty and its connection to mythology makes it a popular tourist attraction.

While tourists often venture to the rock for the scenic views, the pebbly beach and clear shores are also a popular swimming spot. In the warmer months, visitors take to the beach to soak in the sunshine and cool off in the Mediterranean Sea.

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