Explore Nottingham

Home to Britain’s most legendary outlaw, Nottingham offers visitors a chance to indulge in not only the story of Robin Hood but the rich history of city. Attracting thousands of tourists each year who want to explore the trail of this medieval character and his Merry Men, the city of Nottingham can offer you some alternatives activities.


Here is a list of some of the most enjoyable things to do while spending the day in Nottingham:


Galleries of Justice


Recently winning the title of “England’s Best Small Visitor Attraction of the Year” in 2014, the Galleries of Justice offers visitors a look into the old courthouse and jail of Nottingham. You can follow different tours and see what life was like for not only outlaws on the “Crime and Punishment Tour”, but also Robin Hood himself if you chose the “Villainous Sheriff of Nottingham puts Robin Hood on Trial” tour.


City of Caves


Beneath the streets of Nottingham lies a maze of caves which can be explored via guided or audio tours. Down under the city you can learn about the truth about Nottingham’s cave dwelling heritage. Used for everything from homes for the poor, to dungeons and bomb shelters, the caves have a long and often gruesome history.


Nottingham Castle


Visited by over 270,000 people each year, Nottingham Castle watches over the city from its position on Castle Rock. The Medieval castle was destroyed after a civil war and in its place a ducal mansion has been built. Now acting as a museum and gallery, the castle offers visitors a fantastic day out. Not to be missed and standing proud outside the castle walls is the statue of Robin Hood.


Lace Market


Home to many different shops, bars and eateries, the Lace Market is steeped in history and appealing to those who are eager to learn about it’s past. This area still contains its historical essence but now a cosmopolitan hub, it is the must be area while in Nottingham.


Sherwood Forest


Although Nottingham does off visitors a whole host of activities, a trip to the city would not be complete without exploring Sherwood Forest. Hire a car from our Nottingham pick up point and take the journey just over 30 miles to the destination. Between the 3rd and 9th of August this year you can enjoy the Robin Hood festival which encompasses a week of fun events to par-take in.