Six ‘green driving’ tips to help both the planet and your pocket

From air travel to social media, it’s safe to say our world is more connected than ever. It has become normal for us to communicate with friends abroad, and you can even book a last minute trip to the other side of the world with just a few clicks.

However, with so many people travelling around the world at any given moment it raises an important question. How can we keep it beautiful?

That’s one of the reasons why people around the world have teamed up for Earth Day on Saturday 22nd April. It’s a day to celebrate our planet and to raise awareness of all of the little steps we can take to help it thrive, while we continue to enjoy all it has to offer.

Activities include everything from planting trees to simply travelling somewhere outdoors, but if you are planning to hit the road we thought we’d share six top tips to help you drive as economically and sustainably as possible. The good news is they should also help your wallet as well as our planet!

  • Switch-off: This one isn’t strictly related to your journey, but it’s a big one nonetheless. Before you even leave home, turn off any plugs that are not necessary as it will help lower your electricity bills - giving you more money to spend on travelling!
  • Drive steady: Driving at a constant pace helps you to save fuel, so be gentle on the throttle and brakes! Research has shown that driving at a steady 50mph pace uses 25% less fuel than constantly accelerating and braking around 70mph. Sharp acceleration at any stage should be avoided for the same reasons.
  • Preparation is key: Ensuring your car is well-maintained before any journey can significantly help you save fuel. Check all of your fluid levels and always ensure your tyres are inflated properly, as every 6 psi the tyre is underinflated means 1% higher fuel consumption. That makes a big difference on long journeys. You can also pre-plan with a fuel efficient car, such as the ones available through the Hertz Green Collection.
  • Unload the excess: Do you tend to use your car as a mobile storage unit? Make sure you remove any unnecessary items from the boot as it’s only adding extra weight. The same rule applies to unused roof boxes or bicycle racks, which only create extra drag!
  • Systems check: If they are not in use, make sure things like the air conditioning and heated seats are turned off. They lower your engine’s efficiency when running, so it’s an easy way to reduce your carbon footprint.
  • Map it out: We all get lost from time to time, but clearly planning your route can help you save fuel and reduce emissions, even if only by a tiny percentage. Consider where you are travelling to, whether you have a map route or using your Sat Nav, and programme it beforehand to help you avoid any wrong turns.