Driving in Italy - restrictions and fines

All roads lead to Rome – and by following the rules of the highway in Italy, you’ll be able to get there safely and legally.


We want your trip to go to plan, so before you set off in your car hire please make sure you know the lay of the land and avoid any unnecessary costs. Remember, if you pick up any driving fines or charges during your rental, you will be responsible for payment.


Limited Traffic Zone (Zona Traffico Limitato)

In many Italian cities there are Limited Traffic Zones, policed by cameras. Only certain vehicles are allowed access to these areas: buses, taxis, and residents’ vehicles. Watch out as anyone who drives through a ZTL without permission will be fined.


Speed Limit

As a general rule of thumb, on Italy’s town and city roads a speed limit of 50km/h is observed, while it’s 90km/h outside built-up areas. On dual carriageways it increases to 110km/h while motorways have a maximum speed of 130km/h. Please take note that in wet weather the latter limits decrease, and be aware that hidden speed cameras are in operation.


Toll on Motorways

If you don’t have a Telepass or Viacard, electronic toll systems which attach to your windscreen and are paid on a rolling basis, you should use the “pay cash or with credit card”lanes. Alternatively you canget Telerent from one of our pick-up locations, a pass exclusive to our brand that for the first time allows rental car drivers to skip the queues onmotorways. The toll is compulsory and evasion could result in a heavy fine.


Lane discipline

Motorists drive on the right-hand-side of the road in Italy. Always keep to the right, or at the very least you could be fined.


Mobile phones

Do not drive while using a mobile phone in Italy, unless you are using hands-free equipment or earphones. Police are extra-vigilant on this, and offenders will be heavily fined.


Blood alcohol content

Watch your units as the maximum legal limit of alcohol is 50mg per 100ml of blood. This is reduced to zero for anyone who has held a driving licence for less than three years.We recommend our customers do not drink anyalcohol at all when driving. In most cases an infringement is likely to be met by a fine.


Seat belt

Everyone, passengers and driver alike, must always wear a seat belt if inside a moving car in Italy. Violators will be fined.


Children on board

Children under 12 must use an approved seat or approved seat belt when travelling in a car in Italy. Customers can book and collect baby seats, infant seats or booster seats – for an additional cost -fromall of our locations. Those who ignore the rules could be fined.


Snow chains

It is compulsory to drive with snow chains or winter tyres on snow, and the authorities have drawn up a list of roads and regions where this rule applies without exception.


In central and northern Italian locations all our vehicles come equipped with snow chains as standard, when the weather dictates, and the extra cost is included in the rental charge.


If you have your own snow chains or do not intend to drive on roads subject to the snow chain or winter tyre requirement, you can sign a release form and we will reduce your rental charge to reflect this.


In all other regions, we recommend you check if your journey will require snow chains before booking your vehicle. Those who drive without the necessary chains or tyres could be subject to a fine.


For further information, such as snow tyre charges, please call our reservation centre on 0843 309 30 99.



You should always park your car safely. Note, that you can park on white lines for free, yellow lines indicate that the parking space is reserved,and blue lines mean you need to pay to park. Any infringement will be fined.


Reflective jacket

A reflective jacket must be worn in poor visibility, and when you get out of your rental car whether that be on the roadside, in an emergency lane or in a lay-by. One reflective jacket is supplied as standard with each of our rental vehicles. Any misuse of your reflective jacket can result in a fine.


Dipped beam headlamps

On motorways and dual carriageways, dipped headlamps are mandatory – even during daylight hours.


For further information about your car hire while abroad, please call our reservation centre on 0843 309 30 99.