Discover the Beauty of Belfast

Belfast is the largest city in Northern Ireland and one of the region’s most popular tourist destinations. The city is not only a major economic hub, it’s also the centre of culture and the arts in Northern Ireland. Meet the friendly people, discover the amazing nightlife, enjoy the superb shopping opportunities and relax in one of the countless eateries - Belfast has something to offer to all its visitors.


We’ve taken a closer look at the city and have put together a list of five attractions that are not to be missed.


Titanic Belfast


The Titanic was by far the largest ship of her time. She sank in 1912 after a collision with an iceberg in the North Atlantic and to this day she remains one of the most famous ships in the world. The Titanic was constructed in Belfast Harbour and people interested in her history should visit the Titanic Belfast. Here you can explore the shipyard as well as full-scale reconstructions and many other interactive exhibitions that allow you to discover her story.


Cave Hill and Belfast Castle


Belfast Castle towers 400 feet above sea level on the slopes of Cave Hill Country Park – but the ascent is worth it because from here you get to enjoy an unobstructed view of the city. Cave Hill’s most famous feature is a basaltic outcrop known locally as Napoleon's Nose. It’s believed that this “nose” has inspired Jonathan Swift to write his famous novel Gulliver's Travels. Cave Hill Visitor Centre is located in the castle’s basement, where you’ll also find an intriguing museum.


Crumlin Road Gaol


Take a guided tour through the Grade ‘A’ listed building, Crumlin Road Gaol. The former prison was built in 1846 and for 150 years, it has kept murderers, suffragettes, loyalists and republican prisoners under lock and key. Get a feel for what prison life was like for the 25,000 prisoners, who all made the journey through the tunnel between the Gaol and the Courthouse.


The Grand Opera House


Located in the heart of the city centre, Belfast’s Grand Opera House was first opened in 1895 and to this day people from near and far come here to see performances, which range from drama, dance and opera to comedy, musicals, and West End shows.


Belfast Zoological Gardens


Enjoy a day out with the whole family at the Belfast Zoological Gardens in the northern part of town. It houses over 1,000 animals including elephants, monkeys, and kangaroos and it’s one of the oldest visitor attractions in Northern Ireland.


Belfast is a vibrant city full of events and attractions for people of all ages. Whether you’re exploring the city by foot or you’re getting around by car in Belfast - you’re sure to find something to do around every corner.