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by Hertz - 31 October 2023

Hire A Car In Milton Keynes With Hertz

Hire a car in Milton Keynes and see the English countryside's parkland, rivers and lakes in all their glory. Being just 50 miles north of London, Hertz car hire in Milton Keynes provides a fresh alternative to the cramped trains and buses of the capital. Hire an electric car in Milton Keynes and explore the many parks and green spaces of this modern urban city.

Drive around Milton Keynes to get an intimate experience of the people and culture. Whether it’s visiting the Snozone or the Milton Keynes Theatre, there’s an endless supply of sights and sounds here. Did you know, you’re never more than half a mile away from a park in Milton Keynes? Make the most of this young city and go green with an electric vehicle or explore Buckinghamshire in a sturdy SUV. Whatever your car hire needs, Hertz has it covered with Milton Keynes car hire.

Driving In And Around Milton Keynes

Parking In Milton Keynes

  • Midsummer Place (MK9 3GB): Located next to the V7 Saxon Gate and opposite Midsummer Boulevard. It’s only a short walk from the M&S shopping centre. Provides 730 parking spaces and free electric charging.
  • Area D2 Premium Tariff Zone (MK9 3PD): Located along Silbury Boulevard opposite Central Milton Keynes Shopping Centre. Provides 323 parking spaces and free electric charging.  
  • Area E2 Premium Tariff Zone (MK9 3BG): Located along Midsummer Boulevard next to Open Market, ideal for shopping. Provides 225 parking spaces and free electric charging.

Electric Car Charging Points In Milton Keynes

Milton Keynes has seen an exponential rise in EV charging bays as more residents turn to EVs to lower their emissions. Currently, there are over 400 EV charging stations in the city, making an electric car hire in Milton Keynes a convenient mode of travel. Hire an electric car in Milton Keynes and find charging points in central car parks including:  D1 - Premium Tariff Zone, MK9 3AR and Area D1 - Standard Tariff Zone, MK9 3EJ.

Key Roads In Milton Keynes

  • Portway (A509): Starts at the A5 Portway Roundabout and runs through central Milton Keynes before connecting with the M1 east. It covers an impressive 30.6 miles and is one of the longest roads connecting key regions in the city.

  • Standing Way(A421): An expansive road that connects the city to the A1 in the east. As it moves westwards, it connects to the M40, giving travellers access to the city of Oxford. The road is 44.4 miles long.

  • The H7 Chaffron Way: Despite being a single carriageway, it’s one of the longest grid roads in Milton Keynes. The road starts inTattenhoe and bridges the A5 before ending at the roundabout near Broughton. It covers 6.5 miles. 

Congestion Charges In Milton Keynes

While there are no congestion charges in place, Milton Keynes has invested a lot of money in educating its motorists on the advantages of switching to EVs. The city also introduced a parking scheme, the Green CMK parking permit, which provides free parking for ultra-low emission cars (ULEVs). Make the most of this modern city try electric car hire in Milton Keynes with Hertz.

How to get from Hertz, Milton Keynes B&Q to Central Milton Keynes

It takes 6 minutes to drive the 1.5 miles from Hertz to Central Milton Keynes.

  1.      Leave the Hertz Milton Keynes B&Q and start heading Northeast onto V6 Grafton Street
  2.      At Rooksley Roundabout take the 4th exit and stay on Grafton Street
  3.      At North Grafton Roundabout take the first exit onto Portway.
  4.      Follow Portway onto Silbury Boulevard via the third exit at North Saxon Roundabout.

How to get from Hertz, Milton Keynes Homebase to Xscape Milton Keynes

Xscape Milton Keynes is one of the most exciting recreational centres for friends and family.

It takes a 5-minute drive with a car hire in Milton Keynes to drive from Hertz Homebase to Xscape.

  • Leave the Hertz car park and take Snowdon Drive and Cairngorm Gate towards V6 Grafton Street.
  • Take the third exit at South Grafton Roundabout onto H6 Childs Way towards Avery Boulevard.
  • Follow Avery Boulevard towards Secklow Gate to arrive at the Xscape Recreational Centre. 

A Quick Guide To Milton Keynes

Best Hotels In Milton Keynes

Hotel La Tour

400 Marlborough Gate, Milton Keynes, MK9 3FP

Electric car charging points available.

Ideal for treating you and your family to luxurious overnight stays. This new and charming hotel allows you to cosy up right at the edge of the city centre, with amazing views of Campbell Park.

Moxy Milton Keynes

331 Avebury Blvd, Milton Keynes, MK9 2GA

Electric car charging points available.

The Moxy is a neon vibrant hotel ideal for anyone looking for a clean, pet-friendly hotel with a modern tune to it. It’s nestled right in the city’s hub, giving you easy access to city attractions dotted around Central Milton Keynes. The hotel is now certified as LEED Gold, making it the best choice in Milton Keynes for eco-conscious visitors. Perfect for charging your Hertz electric car hire in Milton Keynes.

Leornardo Hotel Milton Keynes

Midsummer Boulevard, Milton Keynes, MK9 2HP

Formerly the classic staple known as Jury’s Inn, Leonardo Hotel is perfect for weekend trippers and tourists alike looking for a bit of adventure in the city. It’s only a 5-minute drive from Central Milton Keynes, giving you access to the city’s biggest attractions. The hotel also boasts lavish amenities like a stylish restaurant, ample parking for your weekend car hire, and 24-hour reception.

Best Restaurants In Milton Keynes

Olive Tree Turkish Mediterranean Restaurant and Bar

199 Midsummer Boulevard, Milton Keynes, MK9 1EA

This delightful restaurant offers you a combination of Turkish and Mediterranean dishes which will impress you with richness of flavour. Aside from serving you freshly cooked authentic meals, the family friendly atmosphere and friendly staff will ensure you experience that world-renowned Turkish hospitality.


Exchange House, 466 Midsummer Blvd, Milton Keynes MK9 2EA

Hands down the most authentic Japanese style ‘Shokudo’ in the city, the Akasaka Milton Keynes sources fresh ingredients to serve you with over 120 Japanese staples, including sashimi, sushi and tempura in a beautiful setting surrounded by Japanese art and Sakura décor.

Ye Olde Swan

Newport Road, Woughton-On-The-Green, Buckinghamshire, MK6 3BS

The setting of this quaint pub restaurant is a perfect representation of English days of yore. The menu is rich in traditional pub favourites, complete with crooked low ceilings, exposed beams, and the surrounding village green. This is a true taste of English tradition.

Best Things To Do In Milton Keynes

Peace Pagoda

Willen, Milton Keynes MK15 0BA

The Peace Pagoda was built by a spiritual movement of monks and nuns known as the Nipponzan Myohoji. The monument’s traditional design tells the story of Lord Buddha from his birth at the foot of the Himalayas about 2500 years ago to his death after 50 years of spiritual teaching. Located next to Willen Lake, this monument makes for a perfectly serene park walk.

Bletchley Park

Cromwell Road South Kensington, London SW7 5BD

Electric car charging points available.

Visit Bletchley Park, the home of World War II’s most prolific codebreaker, Alan Turing. Open daily to visitors, it showcases the unbelievable achievements of Britain’s Codebreakers, and how they executed their operations at an industrial scale. Enjoy exhibitions, events, and activities in one of Britain’s most significant historical sites. It’s just a 13-minute drive to Bletchley Park from the centre of Milton Keynes, making it the perfect destination to visit with a weekend car hire.

Midsummer Boulevard Light Pyramid

Midsummer Boulevard, Milton Keynes, MK9 2UB

This magnificent steel structure was first commissioned in 2012 and lit during the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee on 4th of June the same year. It’s an iconic structure in Campbell Park and is still used today to honour national and local events in the country. An example of one of many public art installations throughout Milton Keynes.

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