Explore Europe – the best of the continent

The majority of Europe is connected by land, with smaller islands or those sectioned off by sea accessible via ferry, which means that car hire in Europe will give you easy navigation of your own Euro-trip. Internal flights can often be cheap, so hopping between the big cities will be easy. Hotspots include the United Kingdom, where you can switch between the big cities like London in the south and Manchester in the north, alongside beautiful Scottish hills and the scenic Welsh valleys. Almost central to the continent is Germany; the country as a whole has a rich and notable history to explore.

Stunning Capitals

The expanse of Europe is vast, despite being the world's second smallest continent. If hiring a car in Europe, its major hotspots depend on your interests, but there is something for everyone around the contintent. English capital London is a haven for shopaholics, combined with historical sites like Shakespeare's Globe Theatre and the Tower of London. The capital of France, Paris, is a must for any experienced driver hiring a car in Europe. The Arc de Triomphe has 12 main streets converging on the roundabout surrounding the monument, which as a driver or a passenger is an exciting experience.

Island Treasures

To the south of Europe, and edged with beautiful coastlines, you can explore Italy, Greece and Turkey. Smaller islands off the mainland like Malta and Cyprus will give you ample opportunity for some relaxation in the sun. When hiring a car in Europe, check ferry access ahead of your trip so you can explore the islands in full. Turkey also has some excellent monuments to visit; Istanbul is an excellent destination to get a great mix of culture and history.

Eastern European Adventures

Don't discount Eastern Europe in your exploration of the continent. Russia is home to some stunning UNESCO World heritage sites including the Virgin Komi Forests and Laike Baikal which is the largest volume freshwater lake in the world.