Hove Park

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by Conrad - 30 November -1

Location: Goldstone Crescent, Hove



Visit Hove Park for a tranquil escape from the lively city surroundings. The Hove area, which can be described as a separate town, generally offers a quieter vibe than its excitable neighbour and these 40 acres of parkland are the best green space in the town. Visitors to Hove Park will find it a very relaxing place to stroll, between the shady trees and impressive colourful flowerbeds. The Goldstone is a point of interest too; a ring of stones with roots in local folklore. Families find that it's a good free spot for entertaining for children too, with the 'Fingermaze', the Hove Park railway and playground activities to explore. It's also a popular area for locals with jogging trails and dog-walking areas.