Best things to do in Malaga

The 10 Best Things to do in Malaga

Visit Malaga on the Costa del Sol to discover one of Spain’s most precious gems. If you’re looking for sun, beaches, shopping, and culture – you’re in the right place. Whether you’re in the ancient city for a romantic weekend away, a mini city-break or a sun-kissed beach holiday, there’s so many fantastic sights to see and things to do in Malaga.

Trace the history of the Andalusian port city through Malaga’s iconic tourist attractions including Roman ruins, city fortresses, and impressive cathedrals. It’s easy to see where the great Pablo Picasso found his muse.

Unsure about how to plan your trip through this Sunny Paradise? Follow our guide to learn more about some of the best places and things to do in Malaga. With tons of charging points located in and around the city, you can reserve an electric car hire in Malaga with Hertz and zip around to your favourite destinations.


Start your journey by heading to one of Malaga’s signature attractions, the old citadel of Málaga .This architectural marvel features a palatial fortress standing tall in the heart of Alcazaba. Believed to date back over a milennia, the grand building forms a city wall on the eastern side of central Malaga.

Brimming with lush foilage upon Mount Gibralfaro, explore the castle’s walls with a guided tour. Or you can take a short walk from the city centre to begin your ascent by entering one of its defensive arches. This Moorish fortress displays some beautiful vistas of the Mediterrean, which makes the perfect backdrop for a holiday photo to share with your friends and family.

Don’t forget to visit the Alcazaba museum to learn more about the building’s fascinating Islamic past. 

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Gibralfaro Castle

Gibralfaro Castle is the second medieval fortress in Malaga situated above Alcazabar on Mount Gibralfaro. Together, the two landmarks are great opportunity to stretch your legs among the close-knit spoils of Malaga city centre. Park you car hire directly at the Castle entrance and head into the fortress for a marveloous representaion of Mediterranean history. This Malagan castle offers plenty of things to do from a detailed museum tour within the castle walls to a small restro pub built within the castle so you can take a break and relax.

After your meal, take the ancient stone path up to the castle for panoramic views of Malaga – plan wisely and enjoy spectacular sunsets over the sparkling seas of the Costa del Sol.

Visitors can tick off both attractions in one go, being approximately a 20-minute walk from Alcazaba through the fortress walls and up the hill. There are plenty of opportunities for rest stops, so pack a bag of local snacks and don’t forget your water – we hear the hike up is more than worth it.

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Picasso Museum Malaga

There’s tons of fun things to do in Malaga, but artistic expression is in the city’s very soul. Malaga's art scene thrives with a vibrant contemporary art community and a range of exhibitions and events taking place throughout the year. Experience the talent of a legend in the museum dedicated to the visionary artist Pablo Ruiz Picasso. The Museo Picasso Malaga is built to honour this iconic artist with over 233 works spanning over eight decades. Follow the journey of his legacy, documented through his impressive body of work – from colourful cubism, ceramics, to still life.

The Picasso Museum boasts a cultural hub of world-famous paintings you’re sure to be familiar with, making it one of the most popular things to do in Malaga. Situated among Malaga’s many historical charms, you’ll be close to the Alcazaba and Cathedral of Malaga.

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La Malagueta Beach

Among the abundance of exciting things to do in Malaga, from shopping to marvelous museums, you’ll also be spoilt by the pristine coastline of the Costa del Sol. Drop in at the beach with your EV and leave it to charge at the Iberdrola Charging station as you find fun things to do at the nearby La Malagueta beach on the doorstep of Malaga city centre. Popular with tourists and locals alike, it’s the perfect stop to dip your toes in the cooling waves after a day of exploring with the family.

If you’re looking for something more thrilling, why not try some watersports and then finish up by snacking at some of the beachside chiringuitos (snack bars)?

You can also take a calming walk across the Promenade via Malaga Park and be greeted by lush greenspace and an archway of trees before you head to the beach. The coastal area is ideally located to quicly visit Alcazaba and Gibralfaro Castle or enjoy nearby comforts – including sea-view restaurants and one of Spain’s most senior yacht clubs.

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Atarazanas Central Market

Tours aren’t everything and sometimes you just need the unique pleasure of a shopping spree. Turn your hired car west off the beach and head to the market for some quick shopping fun. Whether you’re here for the day or planning a longer stay, this traditional market and local gem is a must-see feature of the city. Admire the glorious spread of Andalusian fares, from fresh fruits, vegetables, nuts and cheeses to local food establishments serving freshly caught seafood like nowhere else.

If you’re a big foodie, remember to pick up some indegionous speiclities such as fresh made chorizo, morcilla suasage and traditonal cold pressed olive oil.

While the market dates back to 1879, the structure was once a 14th century shipyard. The historic building is worth a visit simply for its stunning stained glass window. Stroll from stall to stall savouring your choice of authentic mediteranean appetizers.

The Cathedral of Malaga 

Escape the high streets and head into to the old town, south of the Picasso musuem to experience the architectural masterpiece that is Malaga Cathedral, also known as The Holy Cathedral of the Incarnation. With several EV charging stations nearby alongside the Gaudalmedina river, you can explore the cathedral and nearby shops with the comfort of knowing your car is bing chraged back up for your next destination.

You wouldn’t expect it, but this beautiful Magala tourist attraction is yet unfinished. The south tower and main façade are incomplete, hence the affectionate local namesake, “La Manquita”, meaning one-armed.

Step inside to admire fine detail from floor to ceiling, where its mix of gothic, baroque and rennaissance features carry through. Wander its echoing halls and elaborate choir stalls before visiting the roof for an extra vantage point of the city, scoping crystal blue waves and Mount Gibralfaro in the near distance.

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The Roman Theatre of Malaga

Head east of the Piccasso museum to discover a time capsule to the Roman Empire, nestled into the walls of the medieval Alcazabar. With the mantle of the oldest monument in Magala, this wondrous attraction was found in 1951 and escavated decades later. The theatre has been estimated to be  preserved 1st century AD Roman theatre is now open for exploration.

Today the theatre acts as an exciting location for tours and perfomances so it’s a great idea to check if what is on display at the theatre.

Hop out of the hot sun and into the cooling museum filled with Roman artefacts to learn more. The theatre leads you back to the streets of the old town, where residents once slept unaware of the ruins beneath.

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Jardín Botánico Histórico - La Concepción 

If you’re looking for a trip just outside the city, the Jardín Botánico Histórico is the way to go. Take your electric car hire north from Malaga’s bustling cify centre to the foothills of the Montes de Málaga Natural park and you’ll find this gem of a garden just off the A-45 highway. Spaning over 23 hectares, this botanical garden was built in 1855 and has a varietry of flora that you can enjoy and learn about.
Parking is no bother either, as there is a dedicated car park built into this charming garden so you can easily travel without worrying about where to park your Hertz car hire.

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Caminito del Rey

Less than an hour’s drive out of Malaga city centre, experience the heights of Caminito del Rey – an invigorating aerial trail built into Gaitanes Gorge. Adventure-seekers can walk the path along the walls of the canyon, starting from the muncipality of Ardales until you end up in El Chorro.

Highlights include crossing the famous walkway, the King’s Little Path. Once considered one of the most dangerous routes in the world, the trail is now safe to walk unguided or as part of a tour.

Find parking at the visitor centre and begin the trail. The total length is almost eight kilometres, though you’ll want to take your time to enjoy the scenic views of the gorge.

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Montes De Malaga Nature Park

If you truly want to be one with nature, drive out to the Montes de Malaga Nature Mountain range. Spanning over 4,900 hectares of lush forests, rugged trails and stunning views, this is a excellent destination for a day trip out of the city.

Here you can find a variety of wildlife for photography such as eagles, vultures, and wild boar. Head towrads the Mirador de la Vierge peak lookout for a breathtaking panorama of the sea.

In addition to hiking, this forested area also offers tons of vantage points for activities such as birdwatching, mountain biking, and even horseback riding. Once you're tired, chill out and take a break at one of the several picnic areas amidst the beautiful scenery.

When travelling by a Hertz car hire, you can take the A-45 motorway from Malaga towards Cordoba, and then follow the signs for the Montes de Malaga Natural Park once you reach the outskirts of the city. There are several parking spots around the park and near the Cordoba visitor centre as well.

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