Are These the Best Burgers in the USA?


What better way to travel across the United States than the all-American road-trip? Whether picking your favourite coastline to explore or driving across the country, there are plenty of hotspots to tick-off along the way. But what’s a road-trip without a little sustenance? The best burger joints around the US are yours for the taking (and we’re not just talking about the usual fast food joints). Hertz have put together some top recommendations for your US burger fix – here are five of our favourites.


Hawkin’s House of Burgers – Los Angeles, California


Serving “only the best” for its customers, burgers at Hawkins are made with top quality ingredients. Cynthia Hawkins started small, building up from the street food stand beginnings to head up a Los Angeles institution in South-East LA. The menu’s ingredients are forever fresh, providing classic patty stacks with no-frills. Choose from a single, double or triple patty and build to your tastes. The extensive menu will not leave you disappointed.


BurGR– Las Vegas, Nevada


The restaurant options along the Las Vegas strip are seemingly endless, so your taste buds won’t leave the city disappointed. Heading up the gourmet burger offerings is Gordon Ramsey’s BurGR restaurant, hosted in Planet Hollywood. The Damnation Chicken Burger is an essential tasting whilst in Sin City - seriously fiery with a side of celery and slaw to cool you down. There are twists on classics at BurGR and, despite being homed in a headline hotel, the price points aren’t inaccessible.


Alden & Harlow– Boston, Massachusetts


The allure behind Boston’s Alden & Harlow is all a mystery. The head chef Michael Scelfo merges family classics and home comforts with modern flavours and twists to bring some a contemporary feel to your favourite dishes. Alden & Harlow was a must to include in the burger top picks, their top recommended burger comes as limited edition every day. Servings of the Alden & Harlow Secret Burger are made in small batches daily - little is known about the dish without getting to try it, other than it being an 8oz House Creekstone Grind in a house made roll.


Super Duper Burgers – San Francisco, California


The two patty size options will cater for every customer at Super Duper Burgers - a ‘mini’ (4oz patty) or ‘super’ (two 4oz patties) serving, comes with a portion of Super Duper sauce and the option of free pickles with the dish. The all-American independent chain is native to San Francisco, loved by locals and visitors alike for their locally sourced ingredients and commitment to quality dishes.


Boston Burger Company – Boston, Massachusetts


Award winning burgers and garnering TV attention on two of the America’s hit food shows, Boston Burger Co. is not to be missed whilst in Massachusetts State. Those in need of some variety will appreciate the 30 variations of their 8oz burger, each as creative as the last. The Hot Mess burger is the award winner stacked with indulgence - pickles, jalapenos, bacon, American cheese and island dressing, with sweet potato fries on the side. Gluttony is inescapable at this restaurant, so approach with an empty stomach.



Not quite got your fill? Head over to Hertz Together US for some mouth-watering extras; Johnny’s Fillin’ Station in Orlando, Holstein’s of Las Vegas, LA’s Plan Check Kitchen or Larry’s on Venice Beach, LA.