A guide to family-friendly Las Vegas

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by Conrad - 16 December 2016

Think of Las Vegas and the first things that may come to mind are probably casinos, stag weekends, and shotgun marriages presided over by Elvis impersonators. But there’s much more to the Nevada city than just the obvious, including plenty of family-friendly activities. 

So if you’re looking for some Vegas fun for the whole family, why not hire a car in Las Vegas and get ready to explore a whole different side to the so-called Sin City?


Wet ‘n’ Wild

Although you’d think water was a precious commodity in the heart of the Nevada Desert there’s plenty of splashing to spare in the 20 acre Wet ‘n’ Wild park. There are water slides for the whole family, ranging from the extra fast Rattler and Constrictor to the altogether more sedate Paradise Falls. There’s also a special children’s area featuring a big dumping bucket and the Colorado Cooler Lazy River ride.


Marvel Avengers S.T.A.T.I.O.N.

Head for Treasure Island Las Vegas and prepare to be trained in all the skills you need to become a Marvel Avenger with the Scientific Training and Tactical Intelligence Operative Network. You’ll be welcomed deep into the organisation and given privileged access to secret files and intelligence. Then, to prove your qualification, you can even buy your very own personalised badge – essential if you’re ever called upon to help save the world.


Real Bodies at Bally’s

Although maybe not one for younger children or the squeamish, Real Bodies at Bally’s is a fascinating exhibition for anyone who’s interested in the wonder of the human body and how it works. Across eleven galleries there are human bodies and anatomical examples perfectly preserved using a technique called Polymer Preservation, giving you a unique and unforgettable view of the many systems that sustain human life - from breathing to digestion.



This stunning theme park is part of the Circus Circus attraction and features a fantastic range of rides that are ideal for all ages. For the adrenalin junkies there are experiences like the Sling Shot that shoots you into the air experiencing up to 4G of pressure, as well as the aptly named Chaos which subjects you to three kinds of motion at once. Gentler rides include Miner Mike – a runaway train – and Frog Hopper which jumps gently up and down. There’s also Thunderbirds which lets you ride above the crowds below in a replica 1920s plane. 


The Neon Museum

By night Las Vegas stands like a beacon in the dark of the Nevada Desert - thanks to the millions of watts of power used to illuminate its neon signs. This museum celebrates both these signs and the role they’ve played in the city’s history, with many of its most significant ones on display. Needless to say, the best time to visit is for one of the night-time tours that show the signs as they’re meant to be seen – lit up.


So maybe it’s time to park all those ideas of Las Vegas only being for casino high rollers and fans of the musical spectacular  - and to start thinking about it as your potential family holiday destination for 2017.