6 quirky London food pitstops

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by Conrad - 29 January 2016

As one of the world’s most exciting and diverse cities, London always provides something new and unique to discover. Whether you’re on the look-out for cutting-edge art, eye-catching fashion, ever-changing architecture or unforgettable theatre, you’re in for a real treat. Foodies too are exceptionally well catered for in London, where restaurants, cafés and street-food vendors are inspired by culinary traditions from the world over. Here are a few of the city’s most offbeat, on-trend places to eat:

Bunga Bunga 

Billed as ‘the Englishman’s Italian’, Bunga Bunga combines the best of British humour with a true Italian flair for quality ingredients. Entered via a phone booth and featuring a huge gondola-shaped bar, this is a pizzeria like no other. Fun and affordable, Bunga Bunga also boasts a colourful array of performers including Elvis impersonators, gypsy folk bands, outrageous drag queens and much more. The restaurant is situated a short distance from the main London hotspots, near Battersea, but you'll easily be able to get there with a hire car.


At Sweetings, you’ll enjoy a real flavour of London in days gone by. Established in 1889, places like this were once 10 a penny but are now sadly rare on the city’s streets. Sweetings serves up irresistible fish and fresh, plump oysters to discerning folk in an authentic Victorian style. Whether you’re enjoying the delicate Crab Bisque or devouring wonderful Scotch Lobster Thermidor, this is a classy, quirky place to dine.


If you like your food with a touch of drama and intrigue, Circus is the restaurant for you. While you tuck in to divine Pan-Asian fusion dishes, all around you a wonderful ribbon of cabaret and colour will unfold. Expect fire-breathing and burlesque, acrobatics and a real sense of decadence at this Covent Garden gem.

Dans Le Noir

Does food taste better if you can’t see what you’re eating – or anything else for that matter? That’s what a visit to Dans Le Noir will reveal. The restaurant, in Clerkenwell, is staffed almost entirely by blind guides who serve up delicious morsels under the cover of complete darkness. Dining sometimes gets a little messy, with spills aplenty, but the overall experience is one that makes tastes and textures all the more vivid.

Rainforest Café

This is one for the kids. The Rainforest Café on Shaftesbury Avenue brings the magic of the Amazon to dinnertimes. Using fantastic animatronics, lively waterfalls and colourful tropical fish to set the scene, this restaurant serves up delicious American and Italian cuisine to happy families.

Basement Galley 

Basement Galley is a company known for inventing new and unique concepts in dining out. Its most popular combines two classic London institutions – the Underground and fabulous food. The Underground Supper Club takes place in a decommissioned 1967 Victoria Line carriage and the price is just £40 per person for a high-quality tasting menu.

These are just a handful of the foodie delights you can enjoy when you head to the UK’s capital city, so make sure you’re hungry, take your pick and dive in!