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Tesla Model S

Tesla Model S

Discover the Tesla Model S

Hire a Tesla Model S  for your next journey with Hertz and join the EV revolution.

With a driving experience built for the future, the Tesla Model S is loaded with a variety of performance, advanced technology, and charging perks that might just make it your personal favourite electric sedan.

Get inspired and hire a Tesla Model S with Hertz today.

A look inside

Tesla Model S features

Tesla Autopilot* for convenient driving
*The driver remains responsible for steering at all times.

Dual motor that provides track car-level acceleration

High-tech touch screen with inbuilt gaming, sat-nav, and more

Park Summon and Pet-friendly modes

Yoke steering for a better view of the dash and road

Tesla Supercharging for industry-leading charging speeds

Active Road Noise Reduction with a 22-speaker system

The Specs

Features & Specs

  • Seats 4
  • Boot size 745 L, 1,645 L (seats down)
  • Drive Dual-motor All Wheel Drive
  • Battery capacity 60 - 79 kWh
  • Range up to 390 miles*
  • 0-60 mph 2.4 s
  • Torque 658 Nm
  • Euro NCAP Safety Rating *****
*WLTP (Worldwide harmonized Light vehicles Test Procedure). Range depends on factors like vehicle configuration, charge level, battery temperature, speed, weather, elevation and other variables.

Like every Hertz vehicle, all our Tesla Model S vehicles are fully sanitised before and after they are hired out to our customers.

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The Experience

What’s it like to drive a Tesla Model S?


Teslas always feel comfortable to drive. The Tesla Model S takes this even further with wicked performance – both in cities and on the motorway. The acceleration feels smooth and responsive, especially in those common stop-and-go traffic jams. This is complemented by the car’s tight steering and low centre of gravity, making agile turns a breeze.


Hire a Tesla Model S and experience the spacious luxury of a new generation of EV. The Model S focuses on a stylish, minimalist experience with a large and airy cabin. It offers ample head and leg room – with three adults fitting easily in the back. The boot is long and deep, boasting over 1600 L of space with the rear seat pushed flat.


When you hire a Tesla Model S, You can experience Tesla’s truly unique design philosophy yourself. The EV provides exactly what you need for an effortless and comfortable drive. The perfect blend of minimalist style and practicality, it’s perfect for those looking for an accessible first EV hire experience, or those looking for a super easy drive. On the interior the comfort is accentuated by small, quality-of-life design ideas such as moulded armrests and ergonomic door handles, which make the overall experience even better.


The genius of the Tesla Model S is in the features that it offers. From its highly intelligent auto-driving mode to tech-smart features like ‘Caraoke’ and in-built video-streaming, there’s always something unique to be found when you hire a Tesla Model S. It’s kitted out perfectly for those new to EV driving, and for the seasoned professionals.


While other EV car hires may show their true colours in flashy speed features that don’t get used that often, the centre of attention for the Tesla Model S is its infotainment display. This massive 17.0-inch portrait-format touch screen acts as the operation centre for the car. It can be used to do anything from managing music and the temperature to driver assistance technology and even lighting. Having everything you need in one place makes the driving experience way more convenient compared to a more traditional EV.


How do I charge my Tesla Model S hire car?


The Tesla Model S can be charged via its charge port located on the left side, near the rear tail light. Once the car is in Park, it can be connected to a compatible charging station – including Tesla’s own superchargers.

All you need to do is:

  1. Select the charge port icon on the touchscreen.
  2. Navigate to Controls > Charging > Open Charge Port.
  3. Push the charge port door.
  4. Connect the charger and ensure the light changes from light blue/white to green.
  5. Check the car is charging on the touchscreen or on the Tesla mobile app.

How do I park a Tesla Model S?


To park your Tesla Model S hire car, start pulling into the parking spot. The Model S is equipped with Park Assist to help detect obstructions, which becomes active under 5 mph. Using the guidance of the sensor sounds and the parking camera, you should fine parking easy in your Tesla Model S hire.


How long does it take to charge a Tesla Model S?


One of the best reasons to hire a Tesla Model S is the charging speed.

  • On a default Type 2 AC charging port, it can be topped up in 7 hours.
  • A fast-charging DC port can top up the car in 30 mins at a max output of 250 kW.
  • Tesla also has their own supercharger network, which you can use when you hire a Tesla Model S. These can give you up to 200 miles of range within 15 minutes.