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How do I engage voice command?

Press the microphone icon on the touchscreen or push the right-hand scroll on the steering wheel. Adjust navigation, change wiper speed and more without taking your eyes off the road.

How do I operate voice command?

Voice command responds to statements and questions it is programmed to recognise. Some example phrases are I’m cold/hot; display Supercharger locations; find pizza; stop navigation. More examples can be found on Tesla’s support site.

Apps and Settings “Open browser/phone/camera/lock settings…”

“Search Google for the weather…”

“Go to tesla.com…”
Car Controls “Increase screen brightness”

“Turn on windshield wipers/increase wiper speed”

“Fold/unfold side mirrors”

“Open charge port”

“Lock doors”
Climate Controls “Set the temperature/fan…”

“Turn on the air conditioning/dog mode/camp mode…”

“Make it warmer”

“Set the driver’s seat warmer to…”

“Decrease fan speed…”

“I’m cold”

“Turn on recirculate”
Navigation “Go home/to work/to the airport…”

“Navigate to 45500 Fremont Blvd…”

“Take me to the school/the park…”

“Zoom in”

“Turn on satellite mode/traffic…”

“Display Superchargers/Destination Chargers…”

“Stop navigation”

“Mute voice guidance”
Media “Open music, Netflix/YouTube…”


“Search for…”

“Mute media”

Source: Tesla, Inc. https://www.tesla.com/support/voice-commands

What is the Toybox?

The Toybox is a feature that houses games, Easter eggs, fun activities such as drawing and streaming applications such as Netflix. To access Toybox, select the upward arrow icon, then select Toybox. Note: Streaming applications require a personal subscription.

Is the Toybox accessible at all times?

For safety purposes, the Toybox can only be accessed when the Tesla is in park. If Toybox is used while charging, it will increase the amount of charging time required.


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