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What are Forward and Blind Spot Collision Warnings?

These features provide visual and audible warnings when a possible collision is detected with a vehicle or obstacle in front of the car or in your blind spot.


Yes. Automatic Emergency Braking can detect vehicles, pedestrians and objects in front of you and applies the brakes to mitigate impact. However, the driver remains responsible for braking at all times.

What is Lane Departure Avoidance?

Lane Departure Avoidance applies corrective lane-centring steering if a potential collision or unintended lane departure is detected. However, the driver remains responsible for driving and steering at all times.

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What are Advanced Airbags?

Advanced Airbags are airbags that are able to fully inflate and protect passengers. This functionality is possible because the Tesla design has less cabin intrusion, helping to preserve sufficient space for the airbags.

Does the Tesla offer thermal protection?

Yes. In the rare case of damage, thermal protection helps to prevent fires and protect occupants.

Do the cabin cameras record?

Yes. However, images and video do not leave the vehicle and are not transmitted to anyone, including Tesla, unless you enable data sharing. The Tesla’s cabin cameras are used to determine driver inattentiveness and provide you with audible safety alerts when Autopilot is engaged.

What is the Toybox?

The Toybox is a feature that houses games, Easter eggs, fun activities such as drawing and streaming applications such as Netflix. To access Toybox, select the upward arrow icon, then select Toybox. Note: Streaming applications require a personal subscription.

Is the Toybox accessible at all times?

For safety purposes, the Toybox can only be accessed when the Tesla is in park. If Toybox is used while charging, it will increase the amount of charging time required.


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