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Where do I charge the Tesla?

Tesla's can be charged at any of the 300,000 Shell Recharge charging points found across Europe, alongside over 10,000 Tesla Supercharger points.

Find a Shell recharge station

Please note that once your vehicle is fully charged at a Supercharger point, you may incur an idle fee if you do not move the vehicle. Your in-car screen will display this alert and any costs will be passed onto you.

How do I locate charging stations?

You can search for Shell Recharge charging points online or by downloading the app, to find the nearest to your location.

Tesla Supercharger stations – the fastest charging option – will automatically appear on the navigation screen. To find all available charging stations:

      • Select the lightning bolt on the touchscreen.
      • Use voice command to ask the car’s navigation.
      • Search the Tesla or Zap-Map apps.

Please note, if you charge up your hire car at a Tesla Supercharger point and leave the vehicle there after charging, you may incur idle fees. These will be passed onto you by us.

How do I open the charge port?

The charge port is located near the driver’s side taillight. To open the charge port cover, use the touchscreen or push once on the cover. When using a Tesla charging station, press the charging station connector button and the cover will open. The charge port cover will close automatically when connector is removed.


To charge, remove the charging station connector from its dock, open the car’s charge port and insert the connector into the charge port. When charging is complete, press the connector button until the charge port logo turns white, then remove the connector and return it to its dock.

What do the charge port logo colours indicate?

The charge port logo will flash green while charging and be solid green when charging is complete. If the logo is yellow, unplug the connector and then plug in again. A red logo indicates an issue with the charging station. Move the car to a different dock and try again.

What are the different types of chargers?

There are three different levels of chargers available for Teslas starting with a standard wall plug charger and going up to a Supercharger.

Domestic Plug Socket

Pin Locator Household Plug

Every hour charging adds about 6 miles

Bolt 2-3kW | Clock 20 hrs

Fast AC Chargepoint

Pin Locator Public Charging

Every hour charging adds about 35 miles

Bolt 11kW | Clock 4.5 hrs

Rapid DC Chargepoint

Pin Locator Public Charging

Every hour charging can add up to 400 miles (depending on vehicle)

Bolt 50kW+ | Clock 0.5-1 hr

Note: Charge time may vary per location. Public chargers may not produce the same output shown above.

How to use Shell Recharge charging points
  • 1

    Download the Shell Recharge App, but don’tofficially register.

  • 2

    Search for charging points.

  • 3

    Start charging using your Shell Recharge key fob.

More things to know about charging

Does charging cost money?

Most stations charge according to kWh usage, charging time or percentage of battery charged. If you charge at a Tesla network station or use a Shell Recharge key fob, we’ll pass through charging-related fees to the credit card you used to rent your EV. If you charge at a third-party charging station, just pay on the spot.

Please note that if you do not move the EV once your charging session has ended you may be charged idle fees which we will pass on to you.

When you collect the EV we will measure the battery level. We will measure it again when you return. We ask you to return the EV with the same level of battery or 75% (whichever is lower). If you return the EV with a lower level of battery then we will recharge it for you and will charge you a Recharging Fee. If the battery is 20% or less when you return the a recharging Admin Fee will also apply.”

Please see your Electric Vehicle Rental Terms for more information.
How do I plug in the charger?

Once the charge port cover is open, insert the charging station connector into the charge port.

How long will the Tesla take to fully charge?

The Tesla can charge at three voltage output levels: Slow, Fast and Rapid. The higher the level, the faster the battery will charge, with Tesla Superchargers providing the most streamlined experience (see below). Be sure to select stations with your preferred output level.

  • Slow. Can require 24 hours or more to complete; convenient for home or local-driving use, not long trips.
  • Fast. Achieve a partial to complete charge in 5-8 hours.
  • Rapid. Ideal for longer journeys requiring short stops.
  • Tesla Superchargers. Add up to 200 miles in only 15 minutes.
How do I know when the battery is done charging?

The touchscreen displays battery charge status, both percentage and time remaining, and will let you know when charging is complete. Additionally, the charge port logo and Tesla charging dock will display solid green.

How far can I drive on a full charge?

Tesla can travel up to 210 miles on a full charge. Regen braking, safe driving practices and minimal accessory usage can extend driving range. The battery meter and range are displayed at all times on the touchscreen. You can also use voice command to ask for the battery charge status.

Can I stay in the vehicle while it charges?

You can remain in the Tesla while it charges, but turning the car on and utilising features such as the Toybox, air conditioning or device charging will cause the car to charge at a much slower pace.

Can the battery die?

While not impossible, the chance of the Tesla running out of battery power is extremely unlikely. Monitor your charge, recharge as often as possible, plan for your next charging station stop and pay attention to car alerts to avoid a depleted battery.

In the improbable event your battery dies, you will need to be towed to a charging station. You can arrange this by contacting our roadside recovery team. Their contact details can be found in our Standard Rental Terms, as per your Rental Agreement.

Please note, you will be charged for using this service, unless you have selected Premium Emergency Roadside Service as part of your booking.

What charging equipment is included with a Tesla EV?

The Tesla hire car includes a Type 2 Cable cord and for charging at household outlets.

What is the Toybox?

The Toybox is a feature that houses games, Easter eggs, fun activities such as drawing and streaming applications such as Netflix. To access Toybox, select the upward arrow icon, then select Toybox. Note: Streaming applications require a personal subscription.

Is the Toybox accessible at all times?

For safety purposes, the Toybox can only be accessed when Model 3 is in park. If Toybox is used while charging, it will increase the amount of charging time required.


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