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What is Autopilot?

Autopilot includes two features: Traffic-Aware Cruise Control (TACC) and Autosteer. TACC matches the speed of your car to that of the surrounding traffic while Autosteer assists with steering within a clearly marked lane while TACC is engaged.

How do I engage Traffic-Aware Cruise Control?

When TACC is available, a grey circle with a speed-limit number in it appears to the right of the speedometer. To engage, push down once on the gear selector stalk. The associated circle will turn blue when TACC is engaged. Adjust your speed via the touchscreen or right-hand scroll on the steering wheel. Push the stalk up once or lightly touch the brake pedal to disengage TACC.

How do I engage Autosteer?

When Autosteer is available, a grey steering wheel icon will appear next to the TACC circle on the touchscreen. To engage, push down twice on the gear selector stick. The steering wheel icon will turn blue when Autosteer is engaged. Push the stick up once or lightly touch the brake pedal to disengage Autosteer. However, the driver remains responsible for steering at all times.

Can I program a set following distance when using TACC?

Yes. While TACC is engaged, push the right-hand scroll on the steering wheel to the right or left to set your preferred following distance. As traffic slows, TACC will maintain the programmed following distance between the Tesla and the car in front of you, helping prevent rear-end collisions.

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Will Tesla brake automatically?

To maintain the programmed following distance when using TACC, Tesla will brake automatically. Additionally, regen braking automatically applies the brakes when you take your foot off the accelerator and Tesla includes an Automatic Emergency Braking feature. However, the driver remains responsible for braking at all times.

What is the Toybox?

The Toybox is a feature that houses games, Easter eggs, fun activities such as drawing and streaming applications such as Netflix. To access Toybox, select the upward arrow icon, then select Toybox. Note: Streaming applications require a personal subscription.

Is the Toybox accessible at all times?

For safety purposes, the Toybox can only be accessed when Tesla is in park. If Toybox is used while charging, it will increase the amount of charging time required.


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