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Polestar 2

Polestar 2

Efficiency, Range, Tech: Polestar 2 Excellence

Meet the Polestar 2, the first all-electric four-door hatchback from Polestar, manufacturer of premium performance electric cars. With a range of up to 270 miles* (WLTP), this advanced vehicle sets a new standard for EV power and performance.

Officially unveiled during a livestream event in February 2019, the Polestar 2 quickly made its way into peoples’ garages. With its impressive array of specs, and a design self- described as ‘uniquely progressive and progressively unique’, this EV challenged the industry to push technological limits, while driving the advancement of sustainable practices.

Lower emissions, not standards. Experience the Polestar 2 for yourself by booking one for your next trip today.

A look inside

Polestar 2 features

Electric Airvents


Door Controls


Electronic instrument cluster


Easy charging at over 6,000 Supercharger Networks across Europe




The Specs

Features & Specs

  • Seats Up to 5
  • Cargo Space 440 litres (combined front & rear)
  • Drive AWD Dual Motor / FWD Single Motor
  • Battery capacity 75 kWh / 67kWh
  • 0-60 mph 4.5 seconds / 7.4seconds
  • Torque 487 lb-ft / 243lb-ft
  • Power 408 hp / 228 hp

Like every Hertz vehicle, our Polestar 2 hire cars are fully sanitised before and after every reservation.

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The Experience

What’s it like to drive a Polestar 2?


Let’s start with the Polestar 2’s looks. Its compact, aerodynamic lines are built for smoothly slipping through the air, a big help in extending its range, which reaches an impressive 270 miles on a full charge.


Inside, the minimalist interior is a very comfortable place to be, thanks to the supportive and electrically adjustable seats that make it easy to achieve the ideal driving position. One thing you will also notice inside the cabin is the almost total lack of buttons and switches, apart from the window and seat controls.

That’s because everything is controlled through the 15-inch touchscreen in the middle of the dashboard. The screen functions like a giant iPad, complete with apps. It’s exceptionally easy to use, whether for controlling the driving mode, route planning or streaming.


The performance of the car is lively, thanks to the power being delivered directly from the motor to the driving wheels, with no gearbox in between. There’s also the adaptive suspension set-up, which helps to ensure a smooth ride, whatever the terrain.


Autopilot features automatic steering, and this intuitive feature aims to assist with everything from parking to lane switching on motorways. While an adaptive cruise control maintains a safe speed for all conditions.


Add good amounts of storage in both the boot and the front boot and it all goes to make the Polestar 2 a fantastic car to hire for your next business trip or holiday.


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