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Skip the recharge upon return.

Save time and add Charge Purchase Option (CPO).

Save time and skip the recharge upon return.

Return your electric vehicle at a charge level above 10% and below 70% when you add Charge Purchase Option (CPO) to your rental. Ask a Hertz team member for more details.

Charge Purchase Option is an EV-specific service that enables you to return your EV rental without having to recharge it yourself for your peace of mind. This is especially valuable for low-mileage EV rentals in which a renter’s driving range requires less than one full battery charge.

Terms and conditions

The cost of recharging the EV is not included in your rental rate. You can decide how you wish to recharge the EV.

We will record the EV’s battery status before you collect the EV and measure it again on your return.

If the EV has a charge status of at least 80% at pick up, at the start of your rental you can opt in to take the CPO and pay a certain fee to cover the cost of electricity to recharge the EV at the end of your rental (“CPO fee”). The CPO fee is a flat fee based on the vehicle model and its battery capacity calculated at price per kW competitive with EV charging stations. The CPO fee is added to your invoice at the end of your rental. As long as the EV has a level of 10% or more when you return it to us, you will not need to recharge the EV before return and will have nothing more to pay for the recharge at the end of the rental (you’ll still need to pay for on rent charging).

If the EV is returned with a level of charge below 10%, additional service fees will apply in addition to the CPO fee. Please see Hertz Rental Terms for more details.

If you have taken out the CPO and you return the EV with a level of charge above 70%:

  • CPO will be cancelled and CPO fee will not be charged; and
  • if the level of charge is below 80%, we will recharge the EV for you applying the standard Recharging Fees. Please see Charges below.

This is a good option if you are likely to use up a lot of the battery charge and want to avoid the hassle of recharging the EV yourself. If you have any further questions, please ask at the counter when you pick up your vehicle.

Please note that we do not provide a refund for unused electricity.