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Hertz car rental in USA

Hire a car in the USA with Hertz for the road trip of a lifetime. Travel the Highways and Interstates through some of the most beautiful scenery that America has to offer. From the cultural hubs of the east coast to the laid-back west coast, or from the northern lakes and mountains to the deep south, pick a Freeway and get on the drive of your life.

Travel through Florida to Miami to see the white sandy beaches and bask in the heat, or head north to the verdant border states. Cool off in Minnesota or Montana and take a hike through the breath-taking Rocky Mountains. Or jump on the Interstate 15 from LA to Vegas, then onwards to Salt Lake City.

With Hertz, you can plan your trip with ease, arranging to pick up your hire car at one location and drop off at another. Choose from a roomy family car to fit everyone in or a sporty number to travel in style.

Rent a vehicle with Hertz and get around America worry-free.  

Driving in USA

Driving in USA

Speed limits in USA

  • The speed limit in residential areas varies from 15 mph to 55 mph. In school zones, it drops to between 20-25 mph.
  • On Urban Freeways, the speed limits are dependent on state. Most states are between 55 and 75 mph. Signs on the Freeway will indicate the maximum limit – however please be aware that it varies from state to state, so make sure you check if you’re crossing state lines.
  • Divided roads (a divided road is one that has two clear roadways with a barrier between them) are normally between 55 and 75 mph. Different states set their own speed limits so again, it is worth checking road signs to make sure you’re not falling foul of the limit.

Main roads in the USA

  • Interstate 90 (I-90) is the longest in the country. It covers 13 states and over 3,000 miles, starting in Safeco Field in Seattle and finishing at Logan International Airport in Boston. Following it the entire way will take you through the Pacific Northwest, the Great Plains, Midwest and the Northeast of the USA.
  • Interstate 95 (I-95) crosses the most states in the country, passing through a total of 15 states along the east coast. From Houlton in Maine all the way to the beaches of Miami, there are 1,920 miles to take in, including New York, Georgia, the Carolinas and New England.
  • Interstate 40 (I-44) cuts through much of the centre of the USA, starting at some old pioneer trails in Barstow, California. It’s 2,500 miles long - an incredibly scenic route that includes Little Rock, before heading to the home of country, Nashville, and the home of the Blues, Memphis. You’ll even catch a bit of Route 66. It finishes off at Wilmington, North Carolina.

Road types in the USA

  • Freeway – found in urban areas, these are like UK motorways with controlled slip roads to enter and exit, multiple lanes of traffic and a central reservation barrier dividing the traffic travelling in opposite directions. They have overpasses and underpasses for those wanting to cross the Freeway.
  • County Highway – like the UK’s A and B roads. They’re mainly found in more rural areas and have traffic signals and pedestrian crossings. They have lower speed limits than freeways.
  • Interstate – form the routes that millions of Americans use for commuting and long-distance travel every day. Interstate roads connect the USA’s states and large cities.  

Toll roads in the USA

There are around 5,000 miles of toll roads in the USA. Most of them use an E-ZPass system which is a small transponder that you attach to the inside of the front windshield. It allows you to pay the tolls automatically by topping up the transponder using credit card, mail order or cash. Most tolls are around $5 for a standard car.

Toll booths may also have the option to pay a cashier, with either cash or credit card. Toll roads are often extremely well-maintained and some of the most scenic routes in America.  

Driving basics

  • The first major difference is that the Americans drive on the opposite side of the road. They drive on the right-hand side, and while this can be a shock to the system the first time round, you’ll quickly get used to it.
  • Say goodbye to endless roundabouts. In America, roundabouts are pretty rare. They use stop signs and traffic lights to control traffic in more residential areas. Familiarise yourself with rules for stop signs – they will mostly be like ‘give way’ signs in the UK, but some may have certain conventions that need to be obeyed.
  • Lanes are much wider and there are more lanes on major roads in the USA. If in a rural area, the road is still marked with a yellow dotted or solid line to signify it is a two-way road and to be careful of oncoming traffic. Freeway and interstate lanes are much wider, and they usually have around 4-6 lanes to accommodate the amount of traffic, especially on the commuter roads in and out of cities.
  • Speed limits vary between states and sometimes different areas – moving from a residential to a more urban area but not on a freeway – for example. Make sure to take care and look out for speed signs that should be visible on the side of the road.

A quick guide to the USA

A quick guide to the USA

Los Angeles

Hiring a car in LA is the best option to see all that the City of Angels has to offer. Drive along the famous Rodeo Drive and Instagram-worthy Sunset Boulevard for a unique shopping experience. With 20 locations to choose from to pick up and drop off your car, Hertz puts you and your comfort first. 

San Francisco

The tech giant of America, San Francisco is the home of Silicon Valley and is always changing and adapting. Despite this, it is quite a historic city that has some beautiful areas to explore. Grab your hire car from one of the 13 locations in the city and head off to find out how San Francisco mixes its historical and modern eras.  


With over 40 Hertz locations in Miami, there’s no shortage of cars available for you to have the ultimate Miami experience. Grab a sports car to drive down the South Beach area, before taking in the sights at a beachside café. If you fancy something more relaxed, try Biscayne Island for quieter beaches or to catch up on a round of golf.


The Windy City has always been a firm favourite with tourists, and with Hertz it’s even easier to get around. There are 23 pick-up locations in Chicago making car rental that much easier. Hire a car to see the very best that Chicago has to offer, from various prestigious museums and art galleries to the Navy Pier for entertainment that will blow you away.

New York City

New York is the iconic American city to visit, from the Statue of Liberty to Central Park, the city that never sleeps is not to be missed. Take a trip on the ferry out to Ellis Island to discover the heritage of New York City and discover how it was once America’s gateway for the world. There are 17 Hertz locations in New York City, so pick up your car from one of them and get ready to feel like a true New Yorker.  


Take a trip to the Gulf Coast and enjoy the warm sunshine while driving along the scenic highways. Busch Gardens theme park is great for you and the kids, with so much to see and do – it’s a great day out. Take in the water sports on one of the many beaches or simply relax and soak up the sun. There are 13 Hertz locations in Tampa, making it even easier to find the right car for you.


Houston is a vast area that occupies much of southern Texas, but thanks to a great road system, you won't even notice the longer distances. Houston takes it culture and history seriously, so there are plenty of museums and art galleries. Visit one before heading to the Downtown Aquarium or the Children’s Museum, which is a major plus point for keeping the little ones entertained. Make sure to visit the Johnson Space Centre to see Nasa’s Mission Control. With over 40 locations in the city, Hertz has the car to make your Houston trip go intergalactic.

Washington D.C

Washington D.C is famous for being the centre of government for the United States. Hire a car with Hertz to drive down Pennsylvania Ave. and see the White House. America’s history is spotted all over the city, and you’ll need a car to take it all in. Arlington National Cemetery and the Smithsonian are another two highlights that are absolutely worth taking the time for. There are eight Hertz locations in the city, so hire a car and take a tour back through time with Hertz.

New Orleans

New Orleans is the place to go if you want to hear all about jazz, soul and blues music. It’s also the place to go for incredible fusion food and to discover the famous French Quarter. New Orleans has been a melting pot for different cultures for decades, and it all comes together to create a wonderful city that is stunning in architecture and culture. One thing to note in Louisiana is that most streets will not allow for a left turn, so you’ll have to find a safe place to turn around and go right instead.


Boston is a hotspot for u sports lovers, with teams in basketball, baseball and ice hockey all with stadiums – head over to Fenway Park to watch the legendary Red Sox. Take in the harbourside and jump in a water taxi to see the historic site of the Boston Tea Party that sparked a nation into action against the British. If you fancy learning more about the American Revolution, take a walk down the Freedom Trail which has everything you need to know about the importance of Boston in the history of the USA. There are eight Hertz locations in the city, so rent a vehicle and see where it all began.