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Hertz car hire in the USA

With its buzzing cities, iconic landmarks and idyllic coastal roads, the United States of America was made for exploring. Navigate the legendary American highways and take in the sun-kissed West Coast, historic East Coast, or rugged Pacific Northwest.

Whatever your plans, we have hundreds of pick-up branches dotted throughout the country, so hiring a car in the USA couldn’t be easier. You can find our conveniently located branches in all the major cities, including New York and San Francisco. We’re also based in major airports and railway stations in key destinations such as Orlando and Los Angeles.

Whether you’re travelling on business, for a beach break or are planning an epic road trip, you'll find your perfect vehicle in our impressive fleet. You’ll find our car hire offers everything you need for your visit.

Driving in the USA

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With its inspiring skylines, towering skyscrapers and once-in-a-lifetime moments, a driving adventure around the USA is on many people’s to-do list. And because of its sheer size – it’s the third largest country in the world – the best way to take in this astonishing variety of landscapes is by car.

Hire a car and visit the famous beaches of Florida in the south-east, the alpine peaks of the Rocky Mountains in the north-west; take in the epic desert landscapes of the south-west, or hop between some of the most vibrant and interesting cities in the world.

For views like nowhere else on earth, head to the rolling plains of the American west, where you’ll find a diverse landscape that will take in the bright lights of Las Vegas, and the sprawling desert surrounding it.

For longer road trips, follow the Pacific coastline and US Highway 101 from the north all the way down to the south through Washington, Oregon and California. Alternatively, Route 66, the world-famous highway, offers the trip of a lifetime, beginning in Chicago in the east, finishing up in California on the West Coast and taking in a fascinating cross-section of American scenes.

You can follow the country’s East Coast, along Interstate 95 (I-95), from the timeless landmarks of New York City, down to Miami’s sandy beaches to top up your tan. Hire a car in the USA and you’ll find that driving laws vary from state to state, although speed limits are well signposted throughout most areas.

You'll be driving on the right-hand side of the road in the US. The maximum speed limit on multi-lane highways is usually set at between 55mph and 70mph. Two-lane highways outside towns and cities carry limits of 55mph to 65mph, dropping to between 25mph and 45mph on major roads in built-up areas and 25mph to 35mph on residential streets.

Some states operate a Basic Speed Law, which can penalise you for driving faster than is safe for the conditions – even if you’re travelling below the stated speed limit.

Keep in mind the different time zones between states so you can arrange appropriate accommodation and grab opportunities to re-fuel (it’s worth noting that gas must be paid for before you re-fuel).

When it comes to parking, charges are higher in a Central Business District (CBD), and if the kerb is painted, it usually means that parking restrictions are in force. A red kerb indicates no parking at any time, a green kerb denotes a limited parking period, and a blue kerb is for disabled parking only.

A quick guide to the USA

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Whether you’d prefer to meander along cliff tops that overlook the Pacific Ocean, tackle a border-to-border route, or simply be amongst the hustle and bustle of the country’s many lively cities, a road trip through the states of America offers an experience like no other. And you won’t be short of choice – four million miles of highways are at your beck and call.

The best of the East

Hire a car in the USA and enjoy a drive down the east coast, which will take you on a scenic journey through some of America’s most iconic cities. From the thriving city of Boston towards the north, through the brimming metropolis of New York City and the thrills and spills of Orlando, down to America’s most southern point, Key West, the east coast has something for all tastes.

The Sunshine State

If beaches are more your thing, Florida has plenty of them – and the warm weather that makes them so tempting – for you to relax on to your heart’s content. The Sunshine State is home to some of the country’s finest shores, from the aptly named Clearwater Beach, which straddles the Gulf of Mexico and Tampa Bay, to the brilliant white sands of Siesta Key, just off the coast of Sarasota. Thrill-seekers will be at home among the theme parks of Orlando, as will fans of the silver screen who want to enjoy the magical experience of Universal Studios.

The USA's most iconic route

Route 66, America’s ‘Mother Road’, begins among the skyscrapers of Chicago, passing through St Louis, Missouri (the Meramec Caverns are well worth a stop), Texas and Las Vegas, and finishes up among the glamorous folk of Los Angeles, where you can cruise through the palm tree-lined avenues of Beverly Hills or enjoy some retail therapy on luxurious Rodeo Drive.

Go West

The Pacific Northwest is a haven for nature enthusiasts. From Seattle to San Francisco, it offers unparalleled scenery, encompassing expansive forests and stunning coastline. Admire the snow-capped peaks of Mount Rainier in Washington or instead take in the beautifully tranquil deserts of Arizona in the south-west. While there are more sights to see and miles to cover than you could probably fit into a lifetime of holidays, hiring a car in the USA allows you to travel at your own pace as you take in the open roads on one of the world’s most exciting adventures.