Located in southwest Scotland, Stranraer was best known for its transport links across the Irish Sea and as the coastal transport hub of Scotland. Although no longer actively involved in a commercial transport route, Stranraer still attracts its fair share of tourists. Hiring a car in Stranraer allows you to take in the surroundings of the coastal region and see what views truly make this area of Scotland a delight to be in. Ongoing redevelopment is proving to have a very successful effect on the town, and continues to drum up new business and visitors year on year.

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Weekends are made for adventure

Weekends are made for adventure, so if you are catching the ferry to either Holyhead or Stranraer ports you can enjoy 10% off weekend rentals with Hertz. Explore what the UK has to offer, whether you’re taking a trip to Snowdonia National Park or the Scottish Highlands. We even have great midweek rates too starting from £26 per day.

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