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Hertz in Oman

With sprawling deserts and heady mountain ranges covering most of its land, the most developed towns and cities in the Arabian sultanate of Oman are largely limited to the southeast coastal region. Although going off-road is a possibility for the more adventurous types, car hire in Oman should be arranged if you’re planning on seeing some of the country’s more conventional sites during your stay.

The enclave of Musandam, though not physically connected to the rest of Oman, borders the Persian Gulf which allows the country to benefit from various trade routes and oil investments.  

Oman has several entries on the UNESCO World Heritage List including the Land of Frankincense sites where the precious material was historically extracted and traded from. A trip to this circle of sights is highly recommended hire a car in Oman and the journey time will be even faster. The religious customs of Oman are such that one may not find the usual spots to enjoy the nightlife but the country's growing popularity does mean that the accommodation and tourism opportunities are always on the increase. Car hire in Oman allows you quick journey times between each of these popular tourist destinations.

Being that the majority of Oman is desert, with a good few mountain ranges in between, the roads tend not to be well-developed and so it's best to consult your map as closely as you can when driving between destinations. It also means few and widespread chances to refuel your car so always make careful preparations and don't improvise! One interesting note on driving in the country, it's against the law to drive an unclean car in Oman, so if you're roughing it through the desert you could be at risk of a fine if you arrive in town with a less than spotless vehicle. Although the offence should get you a fine, it will more than likely only get a warning, but be prepared all the same!