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Hertz Car Hire in Rome

As the capital of Italy and the country's biggest city, Rome's magnetic charm mixes influential historic monuments with vibrant modern life. From the Roman Forum to contemporary art galleries, and famous landmarks to mouth-watering cuisine, the Eternal City is packed full of attractions and ready for you to explore.

We have around 30 pick-up locations in the city for you to choose from, meaning that renting a car in Rome is convenient and easy. If you're flying in for a business trip or a city break, you can find our branches at both the city's airports, or if you're entering the city by train we have pick-up points at many of the local railway stations too.

With a wide range of cars available, you're bound to find something perfectly suited to your trip. With us you can be confident of a hassle-free hire, as there are no credit card fees, plus we won't charge you to amend or cancel your booking up to two days before collection

Pickup Locations Rome

  • Rome Aurelio-Via Aurelia 1054 (Vans)

    Opening hours: Mo-Fr 0830-1300 1430-1900, Sa 0830-1300, Su closed

    Address: Via Stazione Prenestina 8

    Phone: +39 06 4740389

  • Rome Termini Railway Station Via Giolitti 34

    Opening hours: Mo-Fr 0900-1300 1500-1800, Sa on request, Su closed.

    Address: Via Pontina 407

    Phone: +39 06 66909453

  • Rome Ponte di Nona-Via Borghesiana 170

    Opening hours: Mo-Fr 0830-1230 1430-1830, Sa 0830-1230, Su closed.

    Address: Via Borghesiana 170,
    ENI Petrol Station.

    Phone: +39 06 22152327

  • Rome EUR-Via Shakespeare 43

    Opening hours: Mo-Fr 0830-1300 1430-1900, Sa 0830-1300, Su closed

    Address: Via Shakespeare 43

    Phone: +39 06 5922742

  • Rome Nomentano-Viale Regina Margherita 208

    Opening hours: Mo-Fr 0800-1900, Sa 0800-1300, Su on request

    Address: Viale Regina Margherita 208

    Phone: +39 06 64780328

  • Rome Tiburtina GRA-Via del Casale Cavallari 204

    Opening hours: Mo-Fr 0800-1730, Sa-Su Closed

    Address: Via del Casale Cavallari 204

    Phone: 0039-0654-294428

  • Rome Fiumicino Airport

    Opening hours: Mo-Su 0700-2400

    Address: Roma Fiumicino Aeroporto - Via dell' Aeroporto di Fiumicino

    Phone: 0039-0665-011553

  • Rome Ostiense Railway Station-Via Pellegrino Matteucci 35

    Opening hours: Mo-Fr 0700-2000, Sa-Su 0800-2000

    Address: Via Giolitti 34, , Return: Parking Giolitti, Via Giovanni Giolitti 267 (7th floor)

    Phone: 0039-0648-83967

  • Rome Ostia-Via Isole del Capoverde 71

    Opening hours: Mo-Fr 0900-1300 1500-1830, Sa-Su Closed

    Address: Via Isole del Capoverde 71,
    Ostia Lido

    Phone: +39 06 56 032 454

  • Rome Parioli-Via Guido d'Arezzo 30

    Opening hours: Mo-Fr 0830-1300 1500-1900, Sa 0930-1300, Su closed

    Address: Via di Torrevecchia 489/a

    Phone: +39 06 81173503

  • Rome Tiburtina Railway Station-Via Lorenzo il Magnifico 154

    Opening hours: Mo-Fr 0800-1900, Sa 0800-1300, Su closed

    Address: Circonvallazione Nomentana 532

    Phone: +39 06 43580242

  • Rome Appia-Via Lanuvio 25

    Opening hours: Mo-Fr 0800-1300 1430-1900, Sa 0830-1300, Su closed

    Address: Via Lanuvio 25, (Corner of Via Appia Nuova)

    Phone: +39 06 78851400

  • Rome Tintoretto-Via del Tintoretto 400

    Opening hours: Mo-Fr 0830-1300 1430-1900, Sa 0830-1300, Su closed

    Address: Via del Tintoretto 400

    Phone: +39 06 5034581

  • Rome Salario-Via Salaria 1300

    Opening hours: Mo-Fr 0900-1300 1400-1800, Sa on request, Su closed.

    Address: Via Salaria 1300

    Phone: +39 06 66909808

  • Rome La Rustica-Via Valerico Laccetti 35

    Opening hours: Mo-Fr 0830-1300 1430-1900, Sa 0830-1300, Su closed

    Address: Via Valerico Laccetti 35

    Phone: +39 06 2295788

  • Rome Aurelio-Via Aurelia 1054

    Opening hours: Mo-Fr 0900-1300 1500-1900, Sa 0900-1300 - afternoon on request, Su closed

    Address: Via Aurelia 1054

    Phone: +39 06 66909307

  • Monterotondo Scalo-Via Righi 24

    Opening hours: Mo-Fr 0830-1300 1400-1800, Sa 0830-1300, Su closed.

    Address: Via Righi 24,
    Industrial Area

    Phone: +39 06 9069890

  • Rome Pomezia-Via dei Castelli Romani 10

    Opening hours: Mo-Fr 0800-1300 1400-1800, Sa 0830-1230, Su closed

    Address: Via dei Castelli Romani 24

    Phone: +39 06 9107736

  • Rome Ciampino Airport

    Opening hours: Mo-Su 0800-2400

    Address: Roma Ciampino Aeroporto - Via Appia Nuova, 1651

    Phone: 0039-0679-340616

  • Rome Formello-Via degli Olmetti 40 B

    Opening hours: Mo-Fr 0830-1300 1430-1830, Sa 0830-1230, Su closed

    Address: Via degli Olmetti 37,
    Formello Industrial Area

    Phone: 39-06-9075419

  • Rome Colli Portuensi-Viale Isacco Newton 101

    Opening hours: Mo-Fr 0830-1300 1430-1900, Sa 0830-1300, Su closed

    Address: Via Pietro Frattini 142

    Phone: +39 06 6571476

  • Rome Tuscolana-Via Tuscolana 15301546-Esso Petrol Station

    Opening hours: Mo-Fr 0830-1300 1500-1900, Sa 0830-1230, Su closed

    Address: Via Tuscolana 1530/1546

    Phone: +39 06 7220973

  • Rome Vatican-Via Gregorio VII 207

    Opening hours: Mo-Fr 0800-1900, Sa 0800-1300, Su closed.

    Address: Via dell'Argilla 5

    Phone: 0039-0639-378808

  • Rome Flaminia-Via Flaminia Nuova 211

    Opening hours: Mo-Fr 0830-1330 1400-1830, Sa 0830-1330, Su closed

    Address: Via Francesco Saverio Nitti 1

    Phone: +39 06 83520217

  • Rome Porta di Roma IKEA-Via Casale Redicicoli 501

    Opening hours: Mo-Su 1000-2000

    Address: Via Casale Redicicoli 501

    Phone: 39-06-87262341

  • Rome Montemario-Hotel Cavalieri The Waldorf Astoria-Via Cadlolo 101

    Opening hours: Mo-Fr 0800-1300 1400-1800, Sa 0830-1230, Su closed.

    Address: Via Cadlolo 101

    Phone: +39 06 35343758

  • Rome Conca D'Oro-Via Val d'Ala 32

    Opening hours: Mo-Fr 0830-1300 1400-1800, Sa 0830-1300, Su closed.

    Address: Viale Tirreno 128/A

    Phone: +39 06 8171421

  • Rome Capannelle-Via Appia Nuova 1200

    Opening hours: Mo-Fr 0830-1830, Sa 0800-1300, Su closed

    Address: Via Appia Nuova 1200

    Phone: +39 06 71289027

  • Rome City Centre-Via Veneto

    Opening hours: Mo-Fr 0800-1900, Sa-Su 0800-1300

    Address: Via Sardegna 30 A, , Return: Garage Roma Parking - Via Sardegna 38 C

    Phone: 0039-0632-16886

  • Rome Anagnina IKEA-Via Fattoria Rampa 35

    Opening hours: Mo-Su 1000-1400 1600-2000

    Address: Via Fattoria Rampa 35

    Phone: +39 06 72458329


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Driving in and around Rome

Rome's sprawling location, midway along Italy's west coast, opens up a gateway to the whole country. The main motorway that loops around the city, the A90, can take you to roads leading north towards Florence (via the E35/A1), east to Pescara (via the A24 and E80) and south to Naples (via the A1/E45) as well as the outskirts of the city itself.

If you're arriving in Rome by air, you can hire a car from Fiumicino Airport, and travel along the A91 to reach the south of the city or, if you're landing in Ciampino Airport you can take the SS7 which will lead you into the bustling centre.

Pay close consideration to any parking restrictions in the city. Blue lines indicate that you need to “pay and display", while yellow lines mean the space is reserved, and white lines on the road mean the bay is free to park in. Watch out for Limited Traffic Zones – Rome's is one of the largest in Europe - as only specific vehicles can pass through these.

If you need to get out of your vehicle, whether roadside, in a lay-by or in an emergency lane, you'll be required to wear a reflective jacket if visibility is poor. You can find more information on the rules of the road, including information about speed limits on our blog.

With several million tourists making the trip to Rome every year, the roads can become quite heavily congested, so planning your journey in advance is advisable.

A quick guide to Rome

Car Hir Rome

Rome's remarkable history is reflected in the city's exceptional architecture and culture. Whether you're seeking out the sites of ancient civilisations, looking to enjoy a relaxing city break, or dropping in for a quick business trip, you'll find Italy's capital city is a truly spectacular place to be.

Acclaimed sights of the ancient world

With a rich history spanning almost 3,000 years, the city is home to sites including gladiatorial arena, The Colosseum; a 50,000-seat stadium originally known as the Flavian Amphitheatre. You'll also find Vatican City here – the world's smallest state which is nestled in the heart of the capital – and the nearby Prati neighbourhood will see that you're not short of first-class restaurants to eat in.

With breath-taking architectural highlights spanning the Renaissance and Baroque periods showcased in structures including St Peter's Basilica, the Sistine Chapel and St Peter's Square, you can spend days losing yourself in this extraordinary city. Capitoline Hill, the most sacred of Rome's seven hills, and the Spanish Steps, a staircase of 138 steps built in 1725, should also be on your radar when visiting this intriguing city.

From art scene to silver screen

While Rome may be home to some of the most fascinating historical sights in the world, the intricate artwork housed here has led to the city becoming known as an “open-air museum".

The city's vast offering of galleries and museums display pieces by Raphael, Titian and Michelangelo. Marvel at MAXXI, the National Museum of Art from the 21st Century. Italy's first national museum dedicated wholly to contemporary art is a piece of art itself, and visitors can spend hours weaving their way through its works via a maze of ramps and bridges.

Fans of the silver screen can get to grips with the country's cinematic history with a visit to Cinecitta, a huge film studio that's overseen the production of national and international movies and television since the 1930s.

Rome in fashion

Some of the hottest designers hail from Rome, so you can expect to find flagship stores from the likes of Fendi and Bulgari, among many other well-known names in the designer shopping area, Via Condotti. As one of the most renowned shopping districts in the world, be sure to look out for celebrities. You can find more mid-priced shops on Via Cola di Rienzo and Via del Corso.

Stunning coastal scenery can be found right at your feet, so leave the chaos of the city behind and make the short journey via the E80 to Santa Marinella. Spend the day lazing on the beach and be sure to sample the area's exquisite seafood.

When in Rome, treat yourself to some of the tantalising tastes of the authentic Italian cuisine on offer and explore the dramatic ruins. When you're done, drop a coin into the 26m high Trevi Fountain to guarantee your return to the city, or so legend says.