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Hertz Car Hire in Naples

Sitting on its own broad bay on Italy’s incredibly beautiful southern coast, Naples is an ancient city with a modern outlook. As the third largest Italian city, and capital of the Campania region, Naples offers you idyllic scenery, incredible history and delicious Italian cuisine. It’s a place to explore by day and night, with winding streets, tempting shops and the finest pizza in the world. It also opens up the gorgeous Amalfi coast for exploration by car.

Get out and see everything the region has to offer by hiring a car from one of our pick-up branches located across Naples. We won't charge a penny if you need to change or cancel your booking up to two days before collection and there are no hidden extras to pay.


Pickup Locations Naples

  • Naples Central Railway Station Corso Arnaldo Lucci 171

    Opening hours: Mo-Fr 0830-1300 1430-1900, Sa 0830-1300, Su closed.

    Address: Corso Arnaldo Lucci 171

    Phone: +39 081 202 860

  • Naples Agnano-Via Scarfoglio 11

    Opening hours: Mo-Fr 0800-1300 1400-1700, Sa-Su closed

    Address: Via Scarfoglio 11

    Phone: 39-081-5708701

  • Naples Airport

    Opening hours: Mo-Su 0730-2330

    Address: Napoli Aeroporto - Viale F. Ruffo di Calabria

    Phone: 0039-0812-311200

  • Naples Vomero-Via Guido de Ruggiero 8385

    Opening hours: Mo-Fr 0830-1300 1500-1900, Sa 0830-1300, Su closed

    Address: Via Guido de Ruggiero 112

    Phone: 39-081-5603760

  • Naples Maddalena-Viale Umberto Maddalena 196

    Opening hours: Mo-Fr 0800-1800, Sa 0830-1200, Su closed

    Address: Viale Comandante Umberto Maddalena, 196

    Phone: 3908-1780-5681

  • Naples Harbour-Via Marina

    Opening hours: Mo-Fr 0830-1300 1500-1900, Sa 0830-1300, Su closed.

    Address: Calata Porta di Massa snc

    Phone: +39 081 5517721

  • Naples Afragola IKEA-Via E. Berlinguer 2

    Opening hours: Mo-Fr 1000-1300 1500-1900, Sa-Su 1000-1400 1600-2000

    Address: Via E. Berlinguer 2,
    Loc. Cantariello

    Phone: +39 081 19976092

  • Naples - Flex Jet FBO (Private Flights Only)

    Opening hours: Mon-Sun 7:30AM-10:00PM

    Address: 300 Freedom Way

    Phone: 239-643-1515


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Driving in and around Naples


Naples is a sprawling city but one that has roads running through its heart, making it relatively easy to drive through. You will find some areas closed to traffic if you’re not a resident, but your hire car will let you see the best of what the city has to offer. It also means you can see the glorious coast here, as well as towns and villages further inland.

Don’t forget to drive on the right and overtake on the left when in Italy, while speed limits and distances are displayed in kilometres. They range from 30kmh in built-up areas to 130kmh on the ‘autostrada’. If you’re leaving the city, you should use dipped headlights even when driving in daylight.

You can navigate around Naples on the Tangenziala – the A56 – which skirts the city but has various on and off ramps that will allow you access to the part of town you want. It’s a toll road – most autostrada in Italy are – and you can pay by cash. It’s not always easy to find free street parking in the town centre – roads are busy here and there’s a large residential population. It’s best to use the facilities provided by your hotel, or use a garage or car park. If you do want to park on the road, look for white lines. You have to pay to park in blue zones.

If you want to see more of Italy, hop in your hire car and head to Rome on the A1, or take the A3 through Salerno to Reggia Calabria. You can wind your way to the popular resort of Sorrento by leaving the A3 for the Castellamare di Stabia – the views are heavenly, although the road is narrow.

A quick guide to Naples

A quick guide to Naples

One of the country’s largest cities, Naples is a sprawling urban metropolis sitting alongside Europe’s last active volcano – Vesuvius. At the heart of all the bustle and creativity is a history that stretches back through the centuries, and one that has left its mark in the Neapolitan architecture, culture and cuisine.

See Mount Vesuvius

For many, Mount Vesuvius is the prime draw for a trip to Naples. The still-active volcano last erupted in 1944 but another furious outburst could still happen. It was Mount Vesuvius’s 79AD eruption that gave historians their best glance into Roman life, as it famously turned the Roman city of Pompeii into a dusty time capsule. Today, visitors enjoy hiking or walking on Vesuvius, which sits proudly surveying the broad Bay of Naples, as well as the city itself. If Pompeii itself is too busy, make for nearby Herculaneum, which is arguably even better preserved.

Sample the local cuisine

There is a simple reason why Naples is known as a capital of cuisine and that is the land on which the city sits. Thanks to Mount Vesuvius, the farmers who make their livelihood here enjoy some of the richest, most fertile soil in the world. It’s perfect for growing delicious produce including plump olives, zingy citrus, wine grapes and endless tomatoes, as well as for raising healthy livestock. Additionally, the close proximity of the sea means fish and seafood are always ultra-fresh and super delicious. So, be sure to tuck in. Whether you’re buying pizza by the slice from a street vendor or going all out with a posh sit-down meal, eating in Naples is a joy.

You’ll find good pizza everywhere – they invented it, after all – but it’s often best to follow the queues. At lunchtime, spots both classic and new will have crowds gathering outside for a slice. L’Antica Pizzeria da Michele is famed for its simplicity, purity and quality – there’s only a couple of types on offer, but it’s out-of-this-world. If you tire of normal pizza – impossible, frankly – try pizza fritta, which is a wonderful fried pizza.

Absorb the history

Naples is awash with historical hotspots and its entire historic centre has been defined by the United Nations as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. One highlight in that particular area is the Cappella Sansevero, home of stunning artworks including the famous Veiled Christ statue, which is executed exquisitely in marble.

If you’ve a taste for breathtaking churches, visit Naples Cathedral, also known as Cattedrale di San Gennaro, which is finished in the gothic revival style. The cathedral in its current incarnation was erected in the 13th century but, incredibly, there has been a place of worship on this site since 570AD. Take some time to admire the frescoes in the cathedral’s Chapel of the Treasure, and marvel at the phenomenal 4th century mosaic work.

Naples is a city where you can experience high culture and classical architecture, or somewhere where you can just wander the streets, marvelling at the hustle and bustle, or promenade along the coast, pizza in hand. It’s a city of democracy, and its scruffiness is part of its charm. With car hire in Naples you can really make the most of your visit here.