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Hertz Car Hire in Germany

Boasting more than 2,000 years of history, Germany shares borders with some nine neighbours. The country has a rich and varied cultural output, one which encompasses everything from traditional music and invigorating festivals, to cutting edge contemporary art and theatre.

Alongside all this, Germany is a simply stunning place to visit, with rugged mountain ranges, pristine stretches of coast and deep, thick forest landscapes.

You can really make the most of your experience in Germany by hiring a car. We have pick-up points located all across the country, in many of the major cities and airports.

And you’ll be pleased to discover that as well as ensuring you have no credit card fees or hidden extras to pay for Car Hire in Germany, we deliver complete peace of mind with our 24-hour rental helpline.

Driving in and around Germany

As well as being pioneers of the automobile industry, the Germans also give us their excellent autobahns - a road network that is extremely well-maintained, meticulously well-designed and, in parts, breathtakingly beautiful.

The country is home to a myriad of picturesque routes to try out and make the most of your car hire. The alpine road through the region of Bavaria is one stand-out stretch. Along its winding way, you’ll see sleepy villages, icy-clear lakes, enchanting castles and meadows bursting with wildflowers.

Obviously, on this route the ultimate prize is the first glimpse of the snow-peaked Alps themselves. Sticking with Bavaria, how about the A7, also known as the ‘romantic road’, which covers the 200-mile distance between Wurzburg and Fussen? Along the way, look out for 1000-year-old castles and intriguing medieval and Roman towns.

On the western side of the country, the Black Forest is a tempting area in which to rack up some mileage. The A5 and A864 both pass through here, from north to south of the area, so you’ll be able to enjoy dramatic views of the Rhine plain, as well as deep, craggy ravines and the sumptuous forest land itself.

You’ll also find that many of the major cities are within a short drive of each other. If you take the A57 north from Cologne, you can reach the beautiful Dusseldorf in around 30 minutes. In the north of the country, you can get from Hamburg to Hanover via the A7 in around one hour and half.

You can read more about driving in and around Germany here.

A quick guide to Germany

Germany is a place of contrasts and colour - you’ll find a thoroughly modern automobile industry taking its place alongside medieval castles, and iconic political monuments rubbing shoulders with scenery seemingly untouched by human hands. Every city has its own distinct personality, and each federal state has its own unique way of life and culture. However, there’s a proud unity about Germany, where there’s always something new to discover and a fresh perspective to be explored.

The amazing landscape

The enchanting Black Forest, the clean-aired northern coast, the rolling valleys and the snow-topped Alps… Germany is a strikingly beautiful country and one whose charms change with every unfurling mile.

The sheer scope of the natural world is one of the greatest things about Germany. Whichever city you call your base, you’re never far from escaping urban life and getting out there to luxuriate in the coastal or rural landscapes. And, once you’ve arrived, there are loads of activities to try out. Whether it’s an invigorating dip in the North Sea, mountain climbing in Rhine-Main, cycling through the Roman Limes route or going lakeside in Saxony, there’s a wealth of fun to be had.

The fascinating cities

Germany’s capital is Berlin, a city with some 17 centuries of intriguing history. From the stunning glass dome of the Reichstag Building in the heart of the country’s governmental district, to the last remnants of the Berlin Wall, this is a capital city with real substance. It’s all home to a captivating arts and music scenes which attracts creative people from all around the world.

Munich is another stand-out city for visitors to Germany with Gothic architecture and gorgeous green parks are the order of the day. The position of Germany’s financial and business hub goes to Frankfurt, but despite this modern-day role, the city also has a softer, more charming side. Take lunch by the green banks of the River Main, or spend a day enjoying the city’s impressive museums.

For many the northern port city of Hamburg is a firm favourite. Here, there’s a cosmopolitan air as folk from around the world begin and end their German adventures. You'll find a fantastic mix of beautiful outdoor spaces, inspiring architecture and modern day attractions. Spend the day relaxing by the Aussenalster's waterfront or take in the botanical backdrop of Park Planten un Blomen, right in the heart of the city. If you've got a taste for all things alternative, head over to the borough of St Pauli too.

Taste some authentic cuisine

Food is central to the German way of life and you can’t visit this country without sampling one or two of its most famous dishes. Vitamin-packed sauerkraut, irresistible frankfurters, and jam-filled Berliner donuts are all perennially popular with Germans and visitors alike. Seafood lovers will be best place in the north west of the country, with fresh fish from the Baltic and North Seas dominating the menus. In the heart of Rhineland, look out for potato pancakes, blutwurst, and sauerbraten, whereas Bavaria and Franconia are famed for wursts and pretzels, inspired by neighbouring Austria.

There is lots to explore and make the most of your car hire in Germany!