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Hertz in Australia

Few nations can boast as much variety as Australia. Bustling cities with stunning skylines and hip foodie scenes are nestled next to vast, wild expanses. Dense rainforests teem with life and deserted, arid stretches of land span out to the horizon.

Car hire in Australia is essential if you’re truly going to explore this huge nation and we have hundreds of branches across the country, conveniently based at all of the major cities. Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane are just some of the pickup points to choose from, whether you’re here for a city break, on business or to explore all of the different regions on a coast to coast road trip.

Pick the car that’s right for you, take advantage of our best price guarantee and rest assured we’ll do everything we can to get you on the road as soon as possible. Australia awaits.

Driving in Australia


Driving in Australia is similar to the UK – you drive on the left hand side of the road with the steering wheel on the right. An English driver’s license is widely accepted, but if your license is not in English you will need a translated copy and an International Drivers Permit before you go.

Seat belt rules are strictly applied, and while child restraint laws differ between territories, it’s national law that babies must be in rear-facing seats until six-months-old. Children can only sit in the front passenger seat once they’re four-years-old and there are no seats available in the rear. You can find a useful guide to driving rules in Australia here.

The road network is extensive and well maintained, as befits such a huge country, although some roads in more remote areas are a little bumpy. Most of the major cities hug the shoreline, so planning a road-trip down the coast is a straightforward process.

Toll roads are clearly signposted, however some don’t allow cash payment, so it’s best to carefully plan your route and take into account the different tolls. Distances in Australia are vast, so make sure you’ve scheduled in a number of rest breaks. If you’re driving long distances, especially across the Outback, be aware of the heat and always ensure you have maps, food, plenty of fuel and water.

There are a couple of routes from Sydney to Melbourne, taking either National Highway 31 or the somewhat longer National Highway 1 through Batemans Bay, which offers sweeping coastal views. Head up to the sunshine coast with a road trip from Melbourne to Brisbane which takes in Canberra and Sydney. This trip provides stunning beach views and will see you cruising north along the eastern shoreline. 

A quick guide to Australia


It’s the differences between the rugged Outback and the sophisticated cities that really give Australia its edge. You can experience either – or both. The unique animals that only Australia can lay claim to, and also the unique ingredients that make it a place with a world-class food scene, are well worth exploring.

Sparkling city life

The Outback is sparsely populated – most Australians are city-dwellers and the majority of those cities are on the coast. This makes for great cosmopolitan hubs that combines culture, business and beaches. Sydney boasts a stunning skyline, with the picture perfect Opera House and the soft sands of Bondi. Head further north and discover Brisbane, the capital of Queensland.

A lively city, Brisbane hosts an annual international film festival and is famed for its vibrant live music scene. Melbourne, in Victoria, is a big draw for tourists looking for culture and shopping as well as for South Pacific sun-seekers.

For a completely different flavour, head for the island of Tasmania and its capital Hobart. Here you’ll find sandstone warehouses, convict sites, a great restaurant scene at the docks, all with Mount Wellington looming over the city in the near distance.

The great Outback drive

Once you’re fully fuelled and prepped for your trip, jump in your hire car and hit the open road. Uluru (Ayers Rock) is a vast monolith in the Northern Territory, held sacred by the indigenous population. Head to Katherine to explore Aboriginal culture and art, waterfalls and lakes. In the north-west you’ll find the Kimberley region. Three times the size of England, this is an amazing road trip destination full of wilderness parks, stunning mountains, waterholes and gorges.

In Western Australia drive north from Perth and you’ll find the eerie limestone pillars of the Pinnacles. From there, go whale spotting off the coast or head further inland to Badgingarra National Park to see emus and kangaroos. Keep an eye out for the hundreds of native bird species.

Food down under

With such an array of landscapes and climates, it’s no surprise that Australia is a place with a wide range of cuisines – throw in indigenous food culture and the influence of the European settlers and the whole country is a great place to eat.

The concept of ‘bush tucker’ has been taken to a new level by modern chefs who embrace native ingredients, from kangaroo to finger lime and wattleseed. For those wanting to taste something more traditional, bush tucker tours are widely available and your guide will help you to find the right seeds and plants to eat.

Seafood is a huge part of the culinary landscape, with Moreton Bay bugs and Yabbies just two of the shellfish you won’t recognise from UK menus. Australian honey is exported around the world thanks to the distinctive flavours imparted by the unique flora, while you can get a seriously good cup of coffee in any city.

Food trails are a great way to taste all that Australia has to offer, while vibrant markets such as Adelaide Central Market and Sydney Fish Market are packed with both shoppers and diners.

Wherever your journey to Australia takes you, you’re sure to bring back treasured memories of a nation that prides itself on its distinctive and dynamic culture.